Contractual Staffing & Recruitment Process Outsourcing

RFS HR is a professional recruitment consultancy UAE for all your contract and temporary staffing needs in Dubai and all across the Middle East. Our HR consultancy ensures that your company or business get the best available talent instantly to fill up your temporary vacancies.

We know how to navigate the recruitment demands and thus we provide Recruitment Process Outsourcing services with dedicated staff appointed at your location fulfilling your recruitment needs entirely. Our RPO model brings in the technology, seamless process and recruitment experts at your door step.


Contractual and Temporary Recruitment Services


We have a team of specialist and professional HR consultants who are trained to take quick and decisive steps to fulfill your short-term recruitment needs.

We are able to achieve this objective because we have a Google-powered database which enables us to access the right candidates immediately.


If you need Labour Recruitment Agency in Abu Dhabi or have any short-term employment needs, you can send us your details in an email and a member of our adept and experienced team will get in touch with you to address your requirements.


The Advantages of Hiring Contractual Staff with RFS

  • You get to have an extensive array of offerings which include an integrated portfolio of professional solutions and services, all from our manpower recruitment company.
  • We have a team of regional HR professionals who have excellent networking to get you the best suitable talent for your hiring needs
  • The fastest possible provision of relevant candidates profiles, after you have a meeting with a member of our expert team
  • We offer flexible recruitment process without the restriction of minimum replacement term
  • We provide flexibility and variability of costs
  • Our recruitment process and short-term replacement time is swift and convenient which is achieved through our advanced matching system
  • Through the complete recruitment process, we provide our clients with intensive candidate management

Recruitment Process Outsourcing and How RFS Consultancy Can Help

What Is The Outsourcing Of The Recruitment Process?

RPO firms provide talent acquisition services for professional and non-professional employment that address compliance, scalability, affordability, quality, and other recruitment concerns.

Businesses of all sizes rely on internal teams to source high-quality people, and with such a huge task ahead of them, even the greatest sourcing teams may require assistance. That is why, in order to streamline their talent acquisition and recruitment process, more firms are working with recruitment process outsourcing providers to help their internal teams or are completely outsourcing HR recruiting operations.

RFS Consultancy’s RPO solutions streamline the talent acquisition process by boosting the number of quality recruits while decreasing hiring expenses and fill time.

RFS Consultancy’s industry-leading recruitment process outsourcing solutions are centred on methodology, quantifiable outcomes, and adaptable solutions for each stage of the hiring process. RFS Consultancy’s RPO recruiting solutions, in short, let you remove the guesswork from talent acquisition. RPO is the perfect recruiting strategy for your firm if you want to increase the speed, agility, uniformity, and flexibility of your recruitment operation.

What Is The Difference Between RPO Providers Vs. Traditional Staffing Agencies?

Traditional recruiting agencies’ scope will be to identify and put candidates in needed roles. An RPO provider, on the other hand, owns the design and implementation of the recruiting process, which includes services such as:

  • Talent engagement
  • Candidate management
  • Hiring manager engagement
  • Recruitment analytics support
  • Workforce planning
  • Pre-employment screening
  • Strategic sourcing
  • Compliance and risk management
  • Employer brand consultation
  • Vendor partnering
  • Supply chain management
  • Early careers/ graduate recruitment


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The Benefits of RFS Consultancy’s RPO


Human resources departments are being challenged to do more with less. RFS may supplement recruitment resources for new market possibilities, facility expansions, specialised skill sets, and other purposes.


Our adaptable solutions enable you to scale up or down your outsourcing during high and low-volume times.

Best-in-Class Technology

Our talented technology experts can assist you in optimising you’re recruiting by utilising AI, recruitment marketing, machine learning, and predictive analytics.

Enhanced Candidate Experience

RFS Consultancy’s solutions assist you in amplifying your employer brand through a candidate-centric strategy.

Consistent Compliance

RFS’s stringent protocols provide a legally compliant recruiting process and quick audit answers.

Global Reach

Our worldwide recruitment expertise can connect you with the greatest personnel wherever you need it.

Despite the fact that our solutions are customised to your specific requirements, they invariably fall into one of three categories.

  1. RPO in Its Entirety

From workforce planning through sourcing, selection, evaluation, offer management, and on boarding, we will own and manage the whole employment lifecycle.

  1. RPO that is Modular

We will supply the specific RPO components you want, such as personnel sourcing and recruiting administration, as well as screening support and technology.

  1. Project RPO

Our skilled recruiters can respond quickly to any personnel shortages, whether you’re scaling up or down, or gathering specialty expertise for a large new project.

Take use of our comprehensive RPO expertise and experience:

  • Delivery crew that is adaptable and scalable, and that can be deployed in a matter of weeks
  • Expertise in a wide range of positions and disciplines
  • Connect with high-quality and specialty specialists more quickly.

Allow Resource Solutions to assist you with your talent acquisition journey. Within 6-8 weeks, our recruiters will take the time to understand your organization’s needs and develop an agile hiring process.

RFS Is Here To Help

Establishing a Talent Pipeline Through An RPO Recruiting Strategy….!!!!

Having a pipeline of engaged applicants who understand your company and have the capabilities you want is always a desirable asset, and it becomes a requirement in times of uncertainty.

You may be aiming to develop specialty specialists who are not yet ready to transition to a new career. Alternatively, you may have folks who are trapped in the middle of the recruitment process or talented people who are replying to job positions that no longer exist. Talent pipelining allows you to keep this interest alive until the moment comes to employ.

RFS Consultancy’s RPO recruiting solutions assist companies in building stronger talent pipelines by utilising our years of experience in navigating candidate pools and identifying top talent that match our customers’ culture and values. Our candidate-centric approach to RPO recruitment, talent acquisition, and pipeline management enables our customers to broaden the scope of their recruiting operations without losing candidate experience.

Establishing an RPO staffing strategy to accommodate change

What drives the success of your company? People. Our recruitment process outsourcing is devoted to helping you identify the ideal candidates at scale so that your company may prosper. Being a member of a worldwide organisational consulting, RFS RPO is skilled at listening to you and analysing your present and future hiring needs in order to develop a talent acquisition strategy that will grow and change together with your company. Our specialists can quickly find the talent needed to achieve the potential of your business with the help of years of people science research and predictive AI technologies.

Your talent partner is more than an RPO

We are a global organisational consulting firm that aids in the potential realisation of both individuals and groups. We achieve this by ensuring that each step of the talent journey from hiring to developing and keeping the employees that drive your company forward works for both you and the candidates. Your business grows when your employees do. While maintaining diversity at the centre of all we do, our recruitment outsourcing experience, methodology, and technologies assist everything from workforce planning to entire workforce management. In addition to finding the top talent, RFS Consultancy’s RPO ensures that talent has the highest chance of succeeding.

A world-wide group of professionals in outsourcing the hiring process

Our firm is both international and close to you where it counts. Our recruiters are in-country and on the ground working side by side with you in addition to our advisory consultants’ extensive local knowledge and our regional industry expertise. We are aware of the cultural quirks that are crucial while selecting the top candidates. As needed, we may scale up or down. We are able to achieve complicated, global, and agile RPOs because of our size and expertise.

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