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There are many businesses that provide the Emiratization service, but you must pick the best one because it’s a legal procedure that must be done correctly in order for your business to continue operating in accordance with the law.

In order to work lawfully and to take advantage of the abilities of these new employees, RFS Consultancy will assist you in hiring the best local talent that meets your standards. Your company will benefit from this, which is wonderful for development and growth.

Here are some advantages of employing Emiratis using RFS Consultancy:

A Track Record of Success Employing

You can’t just hire any employee for your business; therefore you shouldn’t put your confidence in any recruitment firm, especially one that is just getting started.

For years, RFS Consultancy has worked with several businesses across numerous sectors to provide the Emiratization service. It has a staff of professionals on hand for both large volume and specialized recruiting.

Quality control

You may find Emirati individuals with RFS Consultancy that are a good fit for your company since they thoroughly examine each applicant to make sure they satisfy your requirements.

Additional Advantages

Since RFS Consultancy has been involved in the Emiratization recruiting industry, we have access to a sizable database from which we may choose the ideal applicant for your business.

This database is regularly updated, and because we have worked with several businesses over the years and have a wealth of expertise regarding the credentials required for particular job positions, we are able to place the ideal employee in each area or department.

What We Do?

We fulfill the conditions for Emiratization.

RFS Consultancy can assist you in hiring UAE nationals fast and assuring the greatest performance of these employees, so you won’t have to worry about not being able to meet your Emiratization standards.

How may RFS Consultancy be of use to you? Let’s look at:

  • Access to a vast talent database
  • Various talents are ready to assist your company.
  • To discover the greatest employees, examine your company’s operating demands and requirements.
  • Receiving a selection of applicants that are compatible with your business both professionally and culturally

Why Is Working with RFS Consultancy Preferable to Completing the Emiratization Procedure Independently?

The Emiratization process is drawn out and cumbersome, and it will be more challenging to discover local personnel that will work effectively for the firm if a company doesn’t have a strong HR department.

In addition, the business must spend a lot of money on employees and technology to manage its workforce effectively.

Lower prices

One benefit of using a recruiting agency to help with the Emiratization process is that the company won’t need to make a significant financial investment; instead, it will only need to pay the agency to discover the finest personnel, which results in cheaper expenses.

Pool of talent

If the business chooses to handle the Emiratization process independently, it will likely receive a few CVs from unemployed Emiratis, but that won’t be enough to help the business make a wise choice.

With the aid of a company like RFS Consultancy, you’ll have access to a large talent pool from which you may choose the candidate who is the greatest fit for the open position. By doing this, you can be sure to draw in the best local talent from the UAE.

Recognize your needs & lt

You must locate the greatest talent for your business during the Emiratization process, but you won’t be able to do so if you don’t know what to search for.

With the assistance of an agency, you may evaluate the abilities and credentials you’re looking for in an Emirati employee, making it easier to choose someone who is suitable for your firm both in terms of knowledge and personality.

Emiratization: What Is It?

Emiratization is a key component of the UAE’s national policy since the government wants to create a competitive economy where every citizen may realize their potential and live in wonderful quality. The UAE government has a rule that states that all businesses, public or private, must employ Emiratis. However, this may be a challenging procedure since you don’t want to recruit just anyone; you want to have only the most competent employees.

Whether you are based in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, RFS Consultancy is here to help you uncover the local talent that will make your company stand out and streamline its operations. With our guidance, you will have all the assistance you need to hire only the best Emirati employees for your business.

An project of the UAE government known as “Emiratization” seeks to guarantee Emiratis’ employment so that they can contribute significantly to the nation’s economic growth. Both the governmental and commercial sectors are required to participate in this project by hiring UAE citizens who will enhance both their quality of life and ability to contribute to the economy.

Many businesses choose to engage them since they are well-prepared and the UAE is a popular destination for expatriate experts. Additionally, because businesses provide so many employment chances, they are able to hire people from overseas. As a result, there are many foreign employees in the nation, which reduces the prospects for locals.

In order to give every Emirati the same opportunities as other professionals and to help the UAE overcome its structural split, the government developed this project.


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To do this, you must rely on a top-ranking agency in the UAE that can assist you in locating the greatest talent for your business while you adhere to local laws.

Whether you are based in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, RFS Consultancy is here to help you uncover the local talent that will make your company stand out and streamline its operations. With our guidance, you will have all the assistance you need to hire only the best Emirati employees for your business.

This project aims to increase the number of UAE nationals working, allowing them to live well and earn a good living.

Additionally, they can support the expansion of the UAE’s economy. The great outcomes of this project include the development of good jobs, promotion of entrepreneurship, growth of young and adult professionals in the private sector, and employment of Emiratis with technical and vocational skills.



Each business must have a strong workforce, but you must also bear in mind that you must hire a certain number of UAE nationals; therefore you must be extremely careful when choosing your personnel.

It’s advisable to get in touch with the professionals so they can help you through each stage of the Emiratization process because it may be challenging and you might not always be able to get what you’re searching for.

  • Which steps comprise the Emiratization process? Let’s look at:
  • Discuss and comprehend the company’s culture and place in the sector.
  • Find exceptional talent and conduct interviews to choose the best applicants.
  • creation of the ultimate shortlist
  • assistance in the negotiating process between the applicants and the firm
  • assistance in submitting the winning bid



The UAE government encourages the Emiratization of businesses across a range of industries in both the public and private sectors, and the regulations must be followed without fail. However, businesses must adhere to the quota and incentives set forth by the legislation.

Quota and Incentives

If a private firm employs more than 100 people, it must adhere to a quota system established by the Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratization (MoHRE) for hiring a predetermined amount of UAE citizens.

This implies that the business must guarantee that at least a certain percentage of its personnel is made up of Emiratis. Implementing the Emiratization process will enable you to satisfy the UAE national quota, which is crucial for maintaining a good employer reputation if you are a business trying to comply with the rules and regulations set forth by the MoHRE.


If your company is one that operates in the private sector and has more than 100 employees, you must hire UAE citizens as part of the national Emiratization process.

How do you manage that? Starting a recruiting process is necessary, but it should be focused on finding local talent. To do this, your HR department has to have funding so that you may choose the finest prospects.

You should get in touch with a recruiting agency that can help you identify the greatest fit for your company if you don’t want to waste time on this and would rather have assistance in the process of enhancing your Emirati talent pool.


If you run a business in the private sector, you must abide by the laws in order to do business legally. You won’t be breaking the law if you do it this way.

However, failing to meet the quota means that you are not abiding by the UAE’s legal requirements, which might endanger the reputation of your business and potentially make you liable.


A challenging process, hiring and recruiting Emiratis candidates can be made even more challenging by the limited sample size and the fact that you sometimes have to compete with other businesses for the top prospects.

If you want to recruit UAE citizens to fulfil the quota, get in touch with a reliable agency that can provide you with the top individuals and help you grow your company to new heights.

Thanks to its excellent talent discovery method, RFS Consultancy, a top-ranking agency with expertise in the Emiratization process, can assist you in hiring the best employees. The best thing is that you won’t have to waste time or resources looking for and competing with other businesses to find the excellent Emirati talent that your company requires.

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