Construction industry is on constant look for qualified, experienced and skilled employees. The role of employees in this industry is extremely vital and each company wants to hire the most suitable professionals to meet specific objectives. As a reliable and renowned recruitment agency, RFS HR Consultancy offers the best recruiting solutions for construction companies in UAE and all around the world.

Experienced recruiting professionals, innovative techniques and rich database

We offer the best construction staffing that fulfills your needs in a perfect way. Our recruitment solutions are designed to identify the most reliable workers who have in depth knowledge and experience in the construction industry. We have a team of vastly experienced and skilled professionals who make use of innovative techniques to identify the best people with right experience that each construction company is looking for. Our extensive search solutions and rich database combine well with the efforts of skilled recruiting professionals to guarantee the best results.

Harmonious blend of quality and cost effectiveness

RFS never compromises on quality when it comes to sourcing the right employees for a construction company. Our commitment to excellence is uncompromising and everything is done in a responsible way to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. In addition to maintaining appreciable quality, we are also determined to making our recruitment services highly affordable. Our recruitment solutions are offered to you at most competitive prices in the industry.

Timely and responsible supply of different types of professionals

Construction companies are searching for different types of professionals to meet their needs and objectives. Our sophisticated recruitment process enables us to help you with your staffing requirements ranging from construction workers to senior engineers. We study your needs carefully and come up with staffing solutions exactly according to your unique needs. Our team is well-equipped with in-depth construction industry knowledge and guarantees the services of most competent professionals available.

You can hire us to find a wide a variety of employees including:

  • Construction managers
  • Plumbers
  • Supervisors
  • Masons
  • Structural metal workers
  • Carpenters
  • Mechanics and repair helpers
  • Line installers
  • General construction workers
  • Heavy truck drivers
  • Steel fixers
  • Civil engineers
  • Cost estimators
  • Senior engineers and many more

We follow a systematic and transparent method of approach to safeguard the interests of our clients in the best possible manner.

If you want to identify the best staffs for construction industry in a cost effective way, you can contact RFS HR Consultancy.


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