The contribution of the marine/shipping industry in strengthening the socio-economic background of a country cannot be undermined. Global trade is extremely dependent on the export and import of goods. The marine industry is a very significant one when it comes to exporting and importing goods. All types of businesses rely on marine shipping and several companies and professionals are working hard to make this industry highly efficient and dynamic. Marine shipping industry offers a wide variety of jobs for smart and qualified people.

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As a renowned and reputed marine industry recruitment company, RFS HR Consultancy help businesses to source the most competent professionals available. We are one of the most reliable staffing and consulting agencies in the UAE with a perfect track record. If you want to have access to a large number of skilled and experienced employees, you can make use of our recruitment services. Our dedicated team of recruitment consultants leaves nothing to guesswork and identifies the right employees for the marine industry. We have the resources and expertise to meet the needs of a wide variety of enterprises irrespective of the size, structure, and reputation.

A large database of competent, skilled and experienced employees for the marine industry

Our database contains the profiles of highly qualified individuals who want to pursue a career in the marine industry. They are equipped with proper qualifications, training and skill sets and you can choose the most suitable ones depending on your needs and budget. We have the right knowledge and tools to find out the best talent who can contribute to the marine industry in a productive way. We guarantee the best recruitment services for employers because qualified and experienced candidates get in touch with us to find the best job. We add them to our database to help employers identify the most suitable staffs.

Never worry about high direct recruitment advertisement costs

Our recruitment services offer the ultimate satisfaction to our clients. The ever-increasing positive feedbacks of our existing customers indicate the quality of the services we offer. When you hire us, you don’t need to worry about high advertisement expenses for direct recruitment. Our solutions are offered in an affordable way to protect the interests of each client.

We help employers discover a wide variety of professionals including:

  • Purchase marine officer
  • Bluewater ship owner, operator
  • Marine safety and quality manager
  • Submarine designer
  • Engineer superintendent
  • Onshore marine coordinator
  • Yacht builder
  • Equipment designer and many more


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