Several people predicted that printing and publishing industry would be replaced by online publications. Irrespective of the amazing popularity and acceptance of internet, this industry survived and it has got its own identity. When it comes to sourcing right professionals for printing and publishing industry, you can depend on the recruitment solutions offered by RFS HR Consultancy.

Excellent recruitment services with clear focus on budget and time

RFS is committed to offering the top quality printing and publishing recruitment solutions in a timely manner. Our focus is to deliver highly efficient and reliable employees to meet the unique needs of each company. We maintain a customer service team that responds to your requirements in responsible and fast manner. Our recruitment professionals help you find out the right professionals in an affordable way. We follow a systematic method of approach that guarantees outstanding results in a reliable and secure manner.

Skilled recruiters and sophisticated technology

At RFS, you can find recruitment specialists with vast experience and they know how to identify the best professionals available for the printing and publishing industry. We use advanced technology to discover supremely skilled employees. Our extensive search solutions and rich database deliver most competent employees for our clients.

Precise and responsible recruitment services

We are extremely proficient in offering operational excellence within competitive printing and publishing environments. Our services are exclusive and unrivaled as far as quality and cost effectiveness is concerned. We have in depth knowledge and experience in discovering the best professionals in this industry. Our recruitment specialists are dedicated to offering the right talents in a precise and responsible manner.

You can contact us to discover a wide variety of professionals including:

  • Production staffs
  • Printing technicians
  • Printing machine operators
  • Sales executives
  • Network administrator
  • Graphic designers
  • Systems administrators
  • Electronic pre-press staffs
  • Customer service executives

Most beneficial solutions for employers as well as employees

Employers as well as employees can seek our expertise to meet their unique needs. We provide the most rewarding job opportunities for employees. Employers can hire the most talented workforce with our recruitment solutions. Our track record as a recruitment specialist for the printing and publishing industry stands second to none. We deliver customized and affordable solutions for each client to ensure 100% satisfaction.

If you want to find out the most competent printing and publishing recruitment specialist, you can choose us.