Technology has transformed the world in various ways. With the increasing use of different technologies, the professionals have become more reliant on them. You can also find their applications in the field of recruitment. The recruitment directors and HR managers are dealing with their everyday tasks by using technologies. This has resulted in the introduction of new recruitment trends. Thus, you need to take various approaches based on these trends. It will help you to find out the right candidate for your company. We have now presented you with detailed information on recruitment trends in Dubai.

Recruitment marketing

This is one of the tactical processes, helping a company to search for job hunters, attract them and engage them for encouraging a qualified application. Recruitment marketing is a type of modern marketing techniques hallon that can relate analytics, omni-channel interactions, tech-enabled automation for attracting talents and hyper-targeted messaging.

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  • Careers website

To deal with recruitment marketing activities, a career website is one of the most important things. Most of the job applicants spend a number of hours on researching on career sites. Thus, make your site the source of information to the candidates. The job seekers will find it easy to search for the jobs from any device.

  • Candidate communication

You can create a talent community and let the recruiters of your company assess the knowledge and skills of candidates. Your recruiters can source the talents manually or use some tools to do it.

  • Creating profiles for the target audience

Start segmenting the target candidates, and it is a part of your recruitment marketing campaign. You may need to fill the vacancies for various posts. Learn something about every target groups- the candidates’ motivations and their needs. Then, you can develop profiles for those groups.

Employer branding

The term, employer branding refers to the process of describing the popularity and reputation of a company as a recruiter or employer. It is also essential to illustrate the proposition of employee value. Although employer branding is one of the latest recruitment trends, it is also effective at developing a strong employer brand.

More than 70% of job hunters research on the employer brand and organization before sending an application. The companies, having no reputation, find it tough to attract the best candidates and to retain their employees. For this reason, you can follow employer branding as one of the effective recruitment trends in Dubai.

The companies, having positive and impressive employer brands, get twice the number of applications, received by the negative brands. The proper employer branding makes it easy for the recruiters to look for talents. Moreover, when your organization has a negative employer brand, you need to invest more for hiring employees.

For employer branding, you have to use the right phrases and words that describe the values of your company. You may also use that language, while you are going to attend the HR meetings. Likewise, this language is applicable at your recruiting sites, career pages and social media accounts.

Social recruiting

The term, social recruiting indicates that the recruiters use social media for the recruitment of candidates. The recruiters may rely on social networks, including LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. They also recruit the candidates using various websites- job boards, forums and blogs.

You may think that the social recruiting process is about posting the ads on the current job vacancies. However, it is something more than that. The HR department uses the online social networks proactively to look for the best candidates. Moreover, the recruiters also encourage the candidates to send an application for the vacant posts. They use the recruitment marketing software for simplifying the social recruiting process.

The social recruiting trend is beneficial to your company in various ways-

  • Get several referrals-

Your present employees will get a chance of referring to the candidates. They can share the news of job vacancies at their social profiles.

  • Reach the potential candidates

You always need to find candidates, having the relevant skills. However, it is not easy to do that by using the job boards.

  • Establish a personal relationship with the right candidates-

The perfect social recruiting process triggers the conversation with the candidates. The social networks enable the candidates in connecting with your organization.

  • Reveal your own company culture-

You can display the culture of your company at the social platform, and you know that it is one of the parts of an employer branding process

Using automation tools for recruitment

The automation software programs and tools have made the recruitment process much easier. These tools also help in saving your time. The most common types of automation systems, used by recruiters, are recruitment marketing software and applicant tracking system. You may also find a unique tool, having the functionality for both recruitment marketing and applicant tracking. These tools are helpful for finding the candidates, attracting them and converting them into applicants.

You know that manual screening of resumes is a time-consuming process. AI-powered software makes this task easier. The special software is capable of learning your job requirements and identifying the eligible candidates. In addition, the innovative tool has the feature for detecting the candidates, who fit right for your company.

Recruitment automation trend is also useful in a variety of ways. Your recruiters can install chatbot, a special tool to procure, do screening and schedule the recruitment. The human recruiters rely on these chatbots for sending real-time updates by making pre-qualifying questions to the candidates.

You may use the recruitment automation tools for interview purpose. The software helps recruiters in recording the interviews of candidates. Later, these recruiters can make a decision by assessing the speech patterns, words and attitudes of the candidates.

Candidate Relationship Management

No employer likes to be in haste while hiring the candidates. Similarly, the candidate never desires to have a negative feeling about a recruiter. These negative experiences can affect the impression of a candidate for an organization’s image. Some candidates claim that a negative experience prevents them from sending an application for a different post at that company. That is why the trend of Candidate Relationship Management is highly important in the present recruitment industry. The concept of CRM has become more popular since the year, 2018. You can build a relationship with various candidates on different levels-

  • Relationship with the present candidates
  • Relationship with past applicants and candidates
  • Relationship with the potential candidates, who have a chance of applying for a job in future

Some recruitment software programs have integrated CRM systems for automating communication with the pool of talents. Maintain a long-term relationship with the right candidates. This will make the future recruitment process much faster.

CRM model is useful for-

  • Developing the custom talent community- You can sort out and manage the candidate lists for identifying the quality talents
  • Building career pages
  • Managing and organizing recruitment campaigns
  • Creating targeted recruitment campaigns for attracting the candidates
  • Sharing various contents- Testimonials of employees

Collaborative hiring

It is much challenging for a company to introduce the collaborative hiring process. However, while you are successful in this task, you will get several benefits from it. The leading corporate bodies, including Google and Apple, have relied on this collaborative hiring trend.

The collaborative is a process where your HR department and various other departments of your company collaborate for successful recruitment. Thus, different employees of your company will work with your recruitment professionals for hiring new employees. This is a team-based model of hiring candidates.

Although you may think it to be a complicated process, it will give you better outcomes in the recruitment campaign. By engaging more members in the recruitment process, you can know their perspectives to choose a candidate.

Your company needs to go through various steps for this collaborative hiring process.

  • Taking preparation

Let your HR team and other employees work together to create a job description and post the job ads. Make sure that the employees, engaged in this process, are working for the same post, which has vacancies.

  • Searching for candidates

Ask the employees to work as recruiters. You can create the employee referral program. The employees will help you in looking for the right candidates.

  • Attracting the potential candidates

You can reveal the collaborative culture, nurtured in your company. You may also display the team photos of your company.

  • Choosing the candidates

At first, you need to establish the recruitment criteria to let the candidates follow that for applying for the job. Your team members can work together for choosing the interview questions. You may use scorecards for the transparent and streamlined evaluation process.

  • Hiring the candidates

This is another step where your team members have to make a mutual decision. These team members can share their opinions about every applicant. Thus, this thorough assessment will help you to find out the best and most appropriate candidate for the available post.

Now, we can say that collaborative hiring is one of the best trends in the recruitment field.

Virtual Reality and Gamification

You may have started thinking – How would we relate gamification and VR technology to the recruitment process? However, gamification is a modern trend, used to make out whether the candidate fits best for the job. You need to use the gaming features and connect them with various non-gaming features, including the corporate and business world. Hence, by applying the method, you will be able to know the reaction of a candidate under the corporate pressure and various business-related situations.

Gamification relates the gaming mechanics, theory and game design for motivating the candidates to reach a target. The special gaming modules, used by the companies, increase the interest of an employee. In the present competitive market, several company owners think that gamification would be highly advantageous to them for the recruitment purpose.

The use of VR technology is another recruitment trend, causing a difference in the outcome. From talent hunting to training, everything becomes easier with this technological process. VR is helpful to recruiters in various ways. For instance, while it is a stressful job, you need to test the ability of candidates to endure it. In that case, VR presents the candidates with a practical, challenging task. Thus, in this way, you can transform the process of recruitment by using VR technology.

Going mobile for recruiting the candidates

You know that mobile-first indexing is one of the important things in the online world. Google is also giving much value to mobile-optimized sites. Thus, in the present digital world, you may rely on mobile platforms for recruitment. Most of the job hunters use their mobile minimum one time a day to find the job. Some of them also send the job application using the Smartphone. Still, lots of recruiters have not started following the trend. You need to adapt it to find the best candidate. Your candidate selection process will become more effective. You can chat with the candidates using a Smartphone.

Using AI technology for recruitment

Artificial Intelligence is one of the innovative technologies, replacing various tasks. However, it has also a few limitations. You can find the effect of AI in different sectors, including the recruitment industry. The modern recruiters work with the help of this AI technology.

Every year, the trend of using AI is increasing. You will also find the release of AI software to detect and assess the body language of candidates. Interestingly, this technology has the potential to make out whether the candidate is providing the truthful answers.

PepsiCo, one of the big companies, has applied AI for making the interview process easier. This company has used automated phone calls and video messaging systems. The special system gives much time to the candidates for answering the questions.

Now, we have presented you with the detailed information on the recruitment trends 2019. The recruiters and HR managers are streamlining the recruitment process. They always focus on the newest trends to apply the best methods for hiring candidates.