Recruitment is a time-consuming, lengthy process to identify and attract job seekers to get the application from the right candidates. In fact, a successful program draws the attention of several qualified and skilful applicants, who can prove their talents. To present you with a transparent recruitment process definition, we can say that this is a systematic way to recruit the candidates for filling a job vacancy.

However, most of the company owners are busy, and they do not have any time to analyze the skills of a candidate. That is why you may look for a recruitment agency and rely on them to find the best employee for your company. Recruitment process outsourcing is the right option to save your time. We have now talked about those steps for increasing your knowledge on recruitment.

  1. Creating a team of recruiters

A strong and highly dedicated recruitment team is one of the essential factors to recruit the candidates. This team of recruiters plays a role in making the right decision. The choice of candidates as new employees will affect your business productivity in future.

Your recruiters have to know about the details of your company’s job vacancies and the candidates’ eligibility criteria. They need to make out the qualities that must be present in the candidates for the ultimate selection. Moreover, they can evaluate the past recruitment process and adopt a better one for the desired result.

  1. The purpose of your recruitment- What is the need for recruitment?

It is a vital step while you are going to recruit candidates for a job. You may question yourself – Why am I recruiting candidates? Have I grown my business? Do I need fresh talent for a new position in my company?

Thus, you have to understand the reason, for which your company has a vacancy. You may also assess the jobs for identifying the needs of employing new employees. What’s more, you have to find the skill level and roles of the potential employees in your company. You must also make a list of responsibilities of those new employees.

  1. Creating a scheme for making the recruitment process easier

It is a highly considerate step for recruitment of candidates. As you have realized your purpose, you will be able to think better about recruitment. This step helps in making the overall process much smoother. You may also think of the timeline for hiring. The considerate and thought-out step will help you to find out the applicants, qualified for the vacant position in your company. You can keep away from various barriers and reach the right candidates for recruitment. Thus, you must not skip this step for employing the new workers.

  1. Write down the job description correctly

It is not much easy to describe job details. However, a proper job description has the potential of attracting the best job applicants for the position. You may be precise in writing this description. However, you must not miss out any information while writing it. You can take time to compose this content. You will be successful in getting the application from perfect candidates.

What are the primary things to include in a job description?

  • Roles and responsibility of the candidates to do the job
  • Opportunities and challenges in this job
  • Educational background, knowledge, qualifications, personality traits and skills, needed for the job
  • More traits that you prefer in candidates
  1. Sourcing the candidates

It is another step, where the researchers search for the qualified candidates for the job vacancies. The recruiters start analyzing the best source to recruit a candidate. You can find the recruitment source of two types- external and internal. We have talked about these sources in detail.

These internal sources include the employee referrals, present employees, former staffs and the applicants in the past. External sources are advertisements, walk-ins, consultants, TV, radio, E-recruiting, trade associations and campus recruitment.

Details on the internal sources-

  • Present staffs- It refers to the transfer and promotion of the present employees. As these employees are much skilful and knowledgeable about your company’s culture, you can easily motivate them for the new job position.
  • Former employees- They are the retired staffs and the workers, who have left your company for a reason. They may have the interest to work for your business. You can hire those employees on a part-time or full-time basis. One of the best advantages is that as you know about their performance, you may not have queries, related to them. These employees also give referrals to their relatives and friends.
  • Previous job applicants- Every year, you have job vacancies and your applications from several candidates. However, you do not get time to interact with each of them. Now, you may send them email and SMS to ask them for filling up your present vacancies. For semi-skilled jobs, this sourcing is a beneficial process.
  • Employee referrals- Some of your present workers can send you referrals. They know about your company’s culture, rules and eligibility criteria. Moreover, they have information on those referrals. Thus, they will be able to find the right person for your company.

The internal recruiting has some positive aspects. The recruiters, dealing with this internal recruiting process, can avail comprehensive details of the candidates very quickly. Moreover, this internal sourcing for recruitment gives your employees a chance to make their future better. What’s more, you may make a minimal investment for this type of recruitment. Your organization will also get a better image.

There are demerits of internal sourcing for recruitment. The employees in a senior-level position may get more preference, and thus, other workers will not have the opportunities. In the process for promotion, you can find a trace of subjectivity.

The external source is the process of finding the candidates from outside your organization. By relying on this sourcing process, you can find candidates of varied skills and knowledge. However, this is a costlier option, and employee turnover is one of the risks of this sourcing.

Details on the external sources

  • Recruitment agencies– This is one of the best options to private companies, looking for new employees. These agencies have a database of several potential candidates, and thus, they will help you in short listing the right candidates for your job. They work as the representatives for your organizations. In this way, they save your time to recruit the candidates. On your request, they can hide the identity of your organization to the candidates.
  • Advertisement- Online and offline ads are a common way of sourcing the candidates for recruitment. However, you need to compose your job ads in the best way.
  • Campus Placement- You can find it to be a popular method for recruiting the candidates. The companies visit the professional and technical training centers. From their visits, they find out the young and talented employees for their organizations. The companies, looking for fresher candidates, rely on this type of placement.
  • Trade Unions- The unemployed persons in the locality get a chance of employment from a trade union. They send their appeal to the trade union leaders. The union has a relationship with the significant management sectors, and thus, it helps in the process of recruitment.  
  1. Screening

This is the step for screening the resumes and applications of candidates. The candidates may have submitted the resumes online, and now, the recruiters have to check out those resumes for assessing the skills of candidates. The resumes are one of the elements, needed to recruit the candidates.

The candidates also submit the CVs to apply for a job. Apart from the educational and professional background, these CVs and resumes also present the writing skills of candidates.

The online recruiters use Applicant Tracking System to identify the best resumes within a short time. Resume screening helps to find the qualifications of the candidate. The major intention behind this resume screening process is to decide on the acceptance and rejection of the candidate. There are various steps for screening resumes. The recruiters check out the preferred qualifications and minimum qualifications. 

  1. Identify the best candidates

Your recruiters have already gone through the process of screening for recruitment. Thus, it is now easy for them to select 5 to 10 candidates for shortlisting. The recruiters will communicate with the employment manager. After checking out the details of the chosen candidates, the recruiters will arrange an interview session.

  1. Interview

You must be highly prepared for an interview session. The interview is one of the time-consuming processes. You have to find out the crucial things that you must cover in an interview session.

You can deal with the interview process in various ways. One of them is the phone interview. This phone screening is a conventional interviewing style for communicating with the chosen candidates. This interview is an effective process to know more about the candidate. In some cases, the interviewers can record the phone calls. However, they create a schedule for these interview calls.

The video-based interview is another option for recruiters and employers. There are various video tools, including Skype and Zoom, and these tools help make the interview process successful.

Let us have a look at different steps for interviewing the candidates.

  •       First in-person interview

During this interview session, there is an interaction with the recruitment manager and applicant. The interviewer has to ask various questions on the skills, experience, qualifications and work history of the candidate. As your company is looking for the best candidate, these questions are a must.

  •       Second in-person interview

It is a more detailed interview for the job. However, this interview can continue for long hours, and the candidates may need to communicate with the staffs of your company. They can have an encounter with the other management professionals of your organization.

  •       Third interview

Most of the companies arrange a third interview session. It is the final encounter with the recruitment manager. At this time, the candidates get an opportunity of speaking to their prospective coworkers.

This interview step is for finding out whether the candidate would culturally fit your company. The interviewers will check out how the personal values of those candidates align with your company’s values.

  •       Dining interviews

Some companies prefer this interview session for recruiting the candidates. While dining with those candidates, employers will be able to review their interpersonal and communication skills.

  1. The job offer to the candidates

After the interview session is over, you can shortlist the best candidates by checking the references. It is always important to check the candidates’ information two to three times. When you have confirmed these details, you may be ready to offer job officially to the successful candidates.

You can send the job letter by post or through email. This letter has to include information on the joining date, monthly salary, employment-related T&Cs. After viewing this letter, the candidates will be able to make a decision on whether they have to sign it or decline the offer.

  1. Hiring the candidates

While the job applicants have accepted your offer, you can hire them as your employee. They have to go through some paperwork for this process. For instance, they need to submit their bank details and tax forms to your organization.

  1. Onboarding

We have already discussed the significant recruitment process steps. Although you have identified the right candidate for filling the vacancies, onboarding is important.

We can refer to it as the process of welcoming and handshaking with the newly employed worker. This onboarding process will create a positive impression on the new employees.  Moreover, it would make your new staffs feel much comfortable in your business environment.

Ending thoughts

In conclusion, we can say that you have to be systematic in the overall recruitment. The choice of right candidates is important as these employees would make your team more productive. You may also rely on recruitment agencies to get the best return from your investment. Make your recruitment program successful by availing the help of professional recruiters.