Successful headhunting process by RFS HR

Every company desires the best while searching for resources. Whether it is a human resource or any other resource, a business owner looks for something that gives the optimal value. Although it may be more accessible for you to avail various business resources, you may find it tough to identify the right talents. Most of the companies have claimed that they face challenges in looking for high quality, skilful candidates. The conventional recruitment processes, like job advert publication, are not effective to search for the CEOs, MDs and CFOs of a company. To capture attention of best caliber candidates, there is a need for smarter recruitment technique. It is where you can realize the role of headhunting process. It is one of the best ways to find out the right candidates for any organization.

We may also define headhunting as the process of having a direct interaction with the potential candidates. In some cases, you can find this process to be highly effective. For instance, it is best for those who are searching for talented persons in any specialized industry. To make your headhunting process successful, you can rely on RFS HR. You may think that you could be able to deal with the headhunting campaign for your company. Then, why should you hire the headhunters from HR agency? What role does RFS HR play for headhunting process?

These professional headhunters play a role to help you in building the high-performance workforce that provides the best outcomes. They apply the right technique for identifying the candidates, having superb qualifications that you desire. You may find headhunters, focusing on particular professions and industries. Although you have HR department in your company, it is still essential to hire these headhunters. These professionals may work with your in-house recruiters.

How the headhunters are different from recruiters

Most of us do know that recruitment and headhunting are different processes. Thus, the headhunters also differ from recruiters. We have presented you with the significant differences.

  • Recruiters publish the job advertisements and wait for the contact of potential candidates. They deal with a big network of various candidates. However, in the case of the headhunting process, the headhunters approach very few selected candidates.
  • Recruiters serve not only the clients but also the candidates. Headhunters remain dedicated only to fulfill the clients’ needs.
  • Recruiters make the best effort to match the available vacant roles with the candidates. Conversely, headhunters have their focus first on the role of candidates in your company.

Both headhunters and recruiters know the right techniques for identifying the best candidates for your company. You will have the desired outcome from it.

Qualifications of the best headhunters

Nowadays, most of the companies rely on professional headhunters for creating a managerial team or a pool of various talented persons. RFS HR has dedicated headhunters with the following qualities.

  • Knowledge on the job details and your industries
  • The capability of spotting the right talent
  • Persistence, passion and drive
  • Skills for assessing others’ skills and their job profiles

By applying the networking technique, the headhunters can create their niche very easily. The best headhunters are also approachable and friendly. They can identify what a candidate must have for securing the job. Moreover, they are pushy in attitude.

How the headhunters go through a recruitment process

The best headhunters take time for understanding various things-

  • Timeliness
  • Search-related requirements
  • Your organizational structure
  • Corporate culture

These headhunters use various tools, approaches and methods to assist you in detecting the right talents. They also review the candidates’ profile and analyze the market. Besides, they have their candidate database, market analysis data, professional networks, social networks and other contacts. After finding the best candidates, they thoroughly screen them and filter them out to identify the most qualified persons. Before short listing the name and sending the list to you, they verify the qualifications of those candidates.

Moreover, they check out the career background of these candidates. While the information, provided by candidates is right, you may take the responsibility of selecting them, based on references and interviews. Then, headhunters will manage the process to negotiate the job offer and salary. They ensure 100% fulfillment of the candidates and clients.

How do the headhunters can simplify the executive search process?

For the executive search process, RFS HR works closely with your organization for accomplishing the talent hunting process. In fact, headhunting is a very useful process to draw the attention of passive candidates. Thus, it becomes easier for you to find the high-caliber candidates for filling the vacancies. In some cases, you can find a lack of qualified candidates for your company. However, within the shortest time, the headhunters make the process successful. They also maintain confidentiality in the overall process.

There is a need for high professionalism for headhunting procedure. You have to choose only those candidates who have a genuine interest in in grabbing job opportunities. Thus, you can better rely on RFS HR for this process.

Importance of hiring the professional headhunters at RFS HR

  1. Candidates with high skills

Executive search is a process to hunt for the most professional and skilful candidates. Thus, you never want a fresher candidate for filling the vacancy. RFS HR understands that choice of wrong candidates can cause a loss of resource, money and time. Moreover, while you have already hired any wrong candidate, you cannot instantly dismiss them.

  1. Process accomplished within the shortest time

As one of the leading headhunting companies, RFS HR helps various contracted organizations to hire the right candidates within a concise timeframe. You know that the upper management positions of a company must not be empty for several months. The absence of any senior-level manager would cause an effect on the supervision process and productivity. Thus, suitable employment of the high-level employees in your company is essential to keep up with leadership qualities in their peers.

  1. Lowers the cost of recruitment

You think that it is costly to hire headhunters. However, by outsourcing the headhunting process, you can limit your recruitment budget. The primary target of these headhunting firms is to engage the right candidates. They never compromise over the quality, and thus, you will have the highest ROI.

  1. Database on various candidates

To get the most deserving job applicants, RFS HR is the best solution for you. You are not limited to one to two candidates. RFS HR is ready to present you with a varied range of candidates. Admittedly, the skills of those candidates would match the skills that you desire. You have no risk of hiring the unsuitable candidates.

  1. Using the latest technology

It is another reason for relying on RFS HS. You need to update your recruitment process to search for the highly talented candidates for your company. RFS HR has created the latest model for talent acquisition. The team uses social media, job portals and other online sites for the headhunting process.

How RFS HR makes the headhunting process successful?

We have already discussed various details on the headhunting procedure. However, we have briefly presented you with the steps for this process. RFS HR consultants go through these steps for ultimate success.

  1. Research on the clients

How could the headhunters look for the talents without knowing your organization? Thus, the first step of these professionals is to know about your company with thorough research.

They need to get information on

  • Your services and products
  • Your corporate history
  • Leadership and other tactics
  • Positive and negative things related to your organization

The best headhunter is always skilful as a researcher and can assess characters. Research is one of the significant factors of the overall search process.

  1. An encounter with a client

It is the second step, where you have to speak to your HR consultants and hiring managers. The major intention behind this step is to identify

  • The working environment, diversity issues, values in the culture of a company
  • Role of new candidates from a managerial and technical perspective.

You may also write a note on the vacancies to simplify the process of candidate selection. Your HR team will adequately represent and promote your employer brand.

  1. Creating a profile

It is essential to create a profile to let others know the type of candidates that your company deserves. RFS HR team will help you in this process. The profile has to concentrate on cultural, professional and managerial aspects of candidates. It must also include a detailed job description.

  1. Mapping the market

The headhunting agency focuses on your unique needs and candidate profile to start mapping the relevant market. The HR team can do it across various industries, geographies, internal candidates and competitors.

  1. Search for the candidates

Recruitment professionals use different innovative methods for attracting both passive and active candidates. Some of these methods include the use of social media, a professional forum, industry-oriented advertisement, database search and job portals online.

Thus, the primary goal in this process is to make out the candidate with the best potential. Based on your needs, the HR agency can do their search in the both domestic and global market.

  1. Making a list of candidates

At the time of mapping the market, the headhunters do research. From this research, they create a list of some candidates. This list may also include the internal candidates. It presents you with the names, responsibilities, position and contact information of the candidates. You can go through this report of the research and make your decision.

  1. Testing the candidates

The process of testing is one of the vital parts of the headhunting process. It is an objective review of the competencies of every candidate. You can know about the working style that those candidates prefer.

The RFS HR will help you in testing the candidates in various ways. The assessment process is on everything, related to technical skills, theoretical skills, cognitive abilities, emotional intelligence and personality. The testing process has to be most engaging to create a positive impression in the candidates.

  1. Creating a shortlist for candidates

The HR agency has already created the extended lists, and now it is the time to make the shortlist. This list may comprise 2 to 4 candidates, based on the number of vacancies in your company. While short listing the candidates, it is also essential to evaluate their resume and their testing results.

  1. Arranging the interview sessions

The headhunters will play a role in creating a robust framework for the consistent interview process. Based on the candidates’ location, this step may include face-to-face interviews, telephone interviews and video conferencing. You and your recruiting company can play the leading role in every interview session. At every step of the interview process, you will get a chance of reviewing the candidates.

  1. Acceptance of proposal and job offer

It is one of the most robust steps in the headhunting process, and you may not easily be able to manage it. RFS HR will help you to send the job offer to the chosen successful candidates. However, while the candidates have accepted this offer, you need to maintain communication with them.

The best mediator ensures a smooth negotiation process. You can rely on professional headhunters to avoid any dropout risk.

Moreover, it is also essential to have an interaction with your company with candidates and background checking service providers. It will reduce the candidate dropout risks and improve employer brand.

We have talked about the steps, important for headhunting process. The best and most reliable headhunters at RFS HR never skip out any of these steps. Moreover, they are also ready to tailor the search process based on your needs. They can find candidates from various parts of the country to identify the best one to play the desired role in your company. Thus, to look for the managers and other senior-level professionals, you can hire these headhunters. You will have the right outcome from their efforts. Get the best headhunting services from RFS HR, and you can avail optimum benefits from them.

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