The term, Emiratisation easily reminds us of recruitment issues of Emiratis in the United Arab Emirates. Emiratisation is one of the most known nationwide programmes, started in the UAE few years ago. The major purpose behind this program is to ensure proper assimilation of the workforce, present in the UAE labour market. Emiratisation is one of the major priorities of various semi-government, private and government organizations and corporate bodies in the United Arab Emirates. Surely, the UAE has encouraged both the private and public sectors for the implementation of Emiratisation policies at various levels. The organizations can do it by establishing special departments, incentives and quota.

The UAE Government official portal has defined Emiratisation as a campaign for mandating the employment of Emiratis in various job sectors, especially the private ones. One of the best facts is that this campaign will help in increasing the percentage of Emiratis in the overall job market. Thus, Emiratis will get a chance of contributing much to the national economy.

The application of Emiratisation will cause an effect on the private and public sectors. The private agencies, having 100 or more employees, can fulfil UAE National quota. This is true mostly for the insurance and banking sector. The companies in these sectors have to stick to UAE National point system.

Know more about the importance of the UAE campaign Emiratisation and its origin

Emiratisation is much important to the young future generations, especially in the nation, where the number of expatriates is higher than that of the nationals. In the Vision 2021 of the UAE, Emiratisation can turn out to be the major 7mm jav performance indicator. Ruler of Dubai and UAE Prime Minister, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has launched the campaign in 2010. UAE Vision 2021 has a number of pillars and one of them is to develop a knowledge-based, competitive economy, driven by skilful and innovative nationals. Emiratisation will play a role to reach this target. Al Maktoum also thinks of ensuring that the potential jobseekers among the Emiratis have become economically independent and are enjoying the best professional life

We can say that Emiratisation is a good news to the new generations. Moreover, we can believe that there will be a rise in the number of employed and educated UAE nationals. We may find a tenfold increase of this number by the year, 2021. Emiratis can now have a better access to various vocational training programs to get job in private sector. They may start searching for job in Tawteen Gate, the online portal to find job opportunities.

Human Resource Authority, developed in 2005, follows the vision of the UAE Prime Minister, Al Maktoum for building a skilful workforce with UAE nationals. Thus, it can present the opportunities for sustainable employment. Since the public sector companies have reached the optimized employment level, the private companies in Dubai have to make the active participation to increase the recruitments of UA nationals. Moreover, HRA has made the best effort to grow positive impressions of public sector recruiters and make them more focused on the Emirati staffs.

Know about Emiratisation law-

The Emiratisation law, declared by UAE Minister (Human Resources and Emiratisation), has mentioned that it will be unlawful to dismiss the UAE nationals in the following situations-

  • The company has dismissed an Emiratisation for reasons, not related to the job, particular when the UAE national has shown the strong logic against the employer, dismissing him or her.
  • The employer has dismissed the UAE national to replace him with another foreign candidate to do that job.
  • The employer or recruiter has presently a foreign employee, whose duty is same as that of the UAE national, who has been fired.

Thus, the employers of all companies in the United Arab Emirates have to know about these laws while employing any candidate or dismissing an employee. It will help them to avoid any legal issue in future.

Why UAE Government is focusing more on Emiratisation

Why should the non-nationals get higher priority than that of the nationals in any job sector? That is why UAE labour law has taken the best step for Emiratisation recruitment. In the UAE, Ministry of Labour prevents the organizations from recruiting the foreign candidates. This rule is highly applicable when the unemployed nationals have the capability of fulfilling the company’s requirements.

In the past years, you may have found lots of government efforts for promoting Emiratisation campaign in the UAE. ENDP and Tawteen UAE are the two most common initiatives of the government.

Although several UAE nationals in Dubai and Abu Dhabi have good educational background, they still find issues in obtaining a job in the present market. This is one of the reasons, for which the UAE is giving more value to Emiratisation for achieving success in the present and future economic growth. The policy of the administrative body of the country is to communicate with the major stakeholders for providing the Emiratis with several employment opportunities. The number of Emirati graduates is increasing every year, and they have to find the chance of securing better job.

What are the major issues of the private companies to retain Emiratis?

Although there are signs of success in Emiratisation campaign, Sheikh Mohammed has encouraged the UAE for overcoming the persisting challenges. You may have found the increase of recruitments of the UAE nationals in the past months in the public and private sector companies. However, there is still a very small percentage of workforce of private sectors comprises the Emiratis. Interestingly, the employers in the utility and banking sectors (private companies) are too much busy for recruiting the UAE nationals. The major reason behind it is that it has recently become mandatory for them to employ the Emirati candidates.

Lots of employers have claimed that it is very tough for them to identify and attract the best Emirati talent. Although there are several job hunters, the employers are facing the problem in finding out the relevant skills and talents. For this reason, they have to be tactical in their approach. Now, in case of Emirati talent, the candidates search for employer brand, learning initiatives and corporate culture. One of the most notable things is that Emirati job applicants are much conscious of brand. They have a dream of working with companies, having higher brand reputation. Emiratis always focus on those companies that have regular development and training programmes and clear success stories. They also think that the employers of these companies are trustworthy. Thus, this is one of the problems, causing a barrier to the success of Emiratisation.

Most of the private companies have felt the following challenges while retaining their Emirati staffs. We have listed some of those challenges-

  • No proper culture for professional coaching
  • Insensitivity to manage the diversity in culture
  • No willingness in some employees in working for longer hours
  • Pressures in the personal life
  • No performance-oriented philosophy
  • Competition with other workers in the company
  • Odd uniforms and shift schedules
  • Absence of collaboration and teamwork
  • Negative attitude of manager and leader
  • No perceived development in the career

The removal of these challenges will result in the success of Emiratisation campaign.

The ways of improving the staff retention rate to the Emiratis-

Career counselling and proper guidance- Most of the companies think that to retain the Emiratis in the organization, it is essential to implement a career development path. Thus, the companies can provide career guidance to the employees and this will be effective for better development of the organization.

Evaluation of employees- While the employees are going to play a role for a company, it is important to assess them. It makes sure that they have aligned their goals with that of the goals of an organization. This assessment also checks out whether the employees have the skills and academic qualifications, needed for the post. By meeting the assessment criteria, the organizations will get the best candidates for the available vacant post.

Professional level mentoring and coaching- These two things are valuable for encouraging the active communication, for identifying the mistakes, for building confidence and for giving rewards. Thus, by inspiring the Emiratis to convey their concerns with the right mentoring approach, they can help the organizations to thrive better.

Thus, these are the ways, in which a company can retain the number of Emiratis in the overall workforce.

More steps from government

With an aim of encouraging Emiratisation campaign, the cabinet in the UAE has declared that it is important to create a committee for following the directives of Sheikh Mohammed. The committee has to submit a scheme to Sheikh Mohammed for creating a positive effect on the performance level of private and public organizations. Sheikh Mohammed has realized that as they have identified the challenges, they have to check out performance report. We need to compare Emiratisation to a type of mutual partnership. Thus, every company has to be responsible for building this Emirati workforce.

Some employers feel that they have to focus on Emiratisation only for filling a quote. However, they must make sure that they are choosing the right person for the job. Thus, they need to hire the Emiratis in a work environment, which is relevant to their skills. This would also result in the professional development of Emiratis in future.

The present competitive situation may it easy to achieve the target, as the companies are struggling to employ the skilful Emiratis. The best solution to the problem is to make a collaborative approach for Emiratisation and for finding the human resource.

Recent situation for Emiratisation

In 2019, the best corporations in the United Arab Emirates said that they are serious in offering training and job opportunities to Emiratis. They are also arranging on-spot interview session at Dubai World Trade Centre.

The 3-day exhibitions, held in the month of March of 2019, have announced the vacancies of thousands of jobs in various private sector companies.  Presently, Emirates airlines have also taken steps to work with the Ministry. They have welcomed university graduates and high school Emirati students for the training programmes.

Emiratisation recruitment agency- How are they helpful to the Emiratis and employers?

Emiratisation recruitment agencies have several professionals, having specialized knowledge in dealing with UAE National hiring. Those professionals also know about the issues, related to the hiring process. There is a cultural sensitiveness, in relation to this employment procedure.  The best agencies have the biggest network and can connect with several Emiratis in the nation. You may be one of the employers, searching for UAE nationals or you are one of UAE National job applicant. For both these cases, you may speak to the Emiratisation recruitment agency.

How RFS helps in Emiratisation-

RFS is one of the HR consultancies, having the best professionals to help with the recruitment of Emiratis. It works with lots of employers and present them with the latest data on various talented Emirati candidates for filling the vacancies. They also inform the employers about the candidates’ demographics, including the employment background, educational qualifications, eligibility and availability. At the same time, RFS deals with the candidates to guide them with the proper coaching. We have already told you that coaching is important for retaining the Emiratis.

RFS has a big team to research on the Emiratisation recruitment in various fields, including construction, architecture, healthcare, oil and gas, supply chain and IT.

Moreover, the RFS has employed high-end recruitment process to meet the staffing needs. The team can provide you with candidates for junior and senior level positions. Based on steadiness and trustworthiness, they have distinguished themselves in the present recruitment industry.

Now, in conclusion, we can say that to make Emiratisation successful, it is essential to motivate and educate the workforce. With the encouragement of personal and academic success, the UAE can reach its target. RFS team is also proud of participating in the approach of Emiratisation. The companies and employers can rely on the RFS team for finding out the best talents for the available jobs.