Hundreds of White Collar Recruitment in Dubai required to run any organization successfully. These workers can be distinguished by dress they wear at work, type of work they manage, the salary they get and much more. The uniform color is the easiest way to distinguish them and identify the jobs they performed at the workplace.

Blue collar and white collar workers perform different jobs. Here in this guide, we have come up with their duties and the salary they get. There are so many differences between this white collar and blue collar workers, and we have mentioned all in this guide, have a look below:

Blue Collar Jobs:

These workers actually do manual labor, and they may get daily or hourly wages. The salary they get depends on their performance or work they accomplish. This class actually refers to working class people, and their job may include machinery installation, repair, maintenance, construction, mining, manufacturing and so on.

They wear blue attire so that they can hide spots of dust, dirt, grease, and oil and make the clothing look cleaner. No doubt, their job requires physical strain, but they are not paid well. Check Cherrycash for when you need some help.

White collar jobs:

These White Collar Recruiters in Dubai work at a desk means they may do clerical work at the workplace and draw a fixed or monthly salary. They are associated with knowledge oriented work. The people who are engaged in professional, administration, medical, engineering or managerial job, they are supposed to wear formal clothes, so their work clothing is white formals.


Factor for comprising Blue Collar workers White Collar Workers
Salary difference Blue collar worker makes less than white collar workers as they work in manufacturing division or do manual labor.


They earn more than blue collar workers.


Education They do not have well-rounded education as white collar workers.


They have a well-rounded education, and they work on high posts to fills a variety of social class.
Work type They are engaged in manual labor such as maintenance, mining, construction, manufacturing, agriculture and so on.


They work at a desk
Payment They may work for hourly wages or producing/assembling any item


They get high paid jobs after getting through many tough hiring processes, so they are tough to fire


Job security Insecurity about the job


Position of this class worker may be stable as they carry specific skills


Dress color Blue white
Meaning The job requires hard manual work/ physical labor It requires clerical work
Work place Industrial location or field office
Remuneration wages Salary at a fixed rate
Payment cycle daily monthly
Job requirement Muscle power Brain or knowledge
workplace Noisy Neat, clean and calm

Do the difference between white and blue collar workers faded away?

Most of the people think so. It is due to the high demand for blue-collar workers or skilled labors in companies and low pay scale of white-collar workers.


White collar jobs require knowledge and skills in contrast to blue collar workers, and their workplace is neat, clean and calm as compared to blue collar workers.