Digital Recruitment Through Strategic RPO

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Our client, an e-commerce business growing at an unprecedented pace, needed to hire a large number of resources across multiple cities in different countries to ensure they could efficiently manage their business transactions from all their stations. 


They used traditional recruitment practices like manually posting each job at every station through local newspapers and a social media platform. Our client struggled to manage the massive influx of applications, which needed to be more relevant to their needs.

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We analyzed all their resource requirements and their challenges in finding the best matches based on their preferences. We devised a customized RPO solution by providing them with a dedicated Applicant Tracking System (ATS) connected to several job portals worldwide. Our ATS system automatically filtered all the irrelevant applicants without any wastage of paper or the use of extra resources by becoming fully digital. In the next phase, our specialized recruiters further analyzed the shortlisted applications to ensure they were compatible with the job and were addressing our client’s needs. We aligned interviews of hundreds of resources based on the vacant positions for each station of our client in a matter of a few weeks, it was easily managed because of the digitization of end-to-end recruitment processes implemented by RFS HR Consultancy.

We also defined new head-hunting perimeters to find the senior resources leading the stations from each city where our client was operational. With our executive search services, we closed more than 12 Business Leader Positions in different cities of multiple countries.


Our client was able to on-board all the needed resources within two months and retained our services for the next full year to fulfil their human resource induction needs further.

Client Feedback:

“As the CEO of a global e-commerce business, the sudden need to hire resources in several stations worldwide was almost impossible for us. RFS HR Consultancy digitized our whole recruitment process and became a strategic recruitment solution for us in the long run. I recommend RFS HR to businesses that want to implement intelligent recruitment processes in their organizations.”


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