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Currently, we offer On-Demand, Enterprise, Project-Based, and Hybrid RPO services to all our existing and new clients. Our custom RPO solutions can be implemented for all types of businesses operating in different industries globally. We need to know about the challenges you are facing to analyze so we can propose our RPO solutions accordingly. Furthermore, our customer support services are available round the clock allowing you seamless access to our services and dedicated resources without hassle or time wastage.

We keep things highly effective at RFS HR Consultancy by making them simple. We listen patiently, understand the needs of your recruitment plans, then design a dedicated talent acquirement model. Our RPO models are not ad-hoc; they can adjust and progress with your evolving hiring requirements. The discovery and diagnosis phase is the most critical as this allows us to conduct deep analysis, once done we formulate our customized RPO solutions, and then we implement in your respective organization....

Our RPO solutions are ready to cater to all types of current, planned, and futuristic recruitment challenges that your business might face through recruitment automation. We can ensure that hiring the right professionals in your company will be our highest priority, in local settings and other countries, where you might want to expand in the later stages of your organizational growth. Our RPO services can be provided from your premises as an extension of your in-house hiring team, fully remote-basis, or in a hybrid formation so that you can experience maximum cost-effectiveness and ultimate scalability in their true practical forms.

How We Do It

We invest our time and resources to listen to your needs and dive deep into understanding and analyzing your hiring challenges. We design your RPO solution, we conduct trials in the implementation phase, and when you agree to launch, we take on the management style based on your preferences.

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Drive Cost

Our customized RPO services are designed to ensure you have to bear minimum hiring costs in the short and long run. All you need to do is connect with our customer service representatives so you can be guided through the process.


The best thing about RPO services is the ability to scale up or down based on the market conditions, your business objectives, and any other reason that may yet be unforeseeable. Our custom RPO solutions are flexible and can quickly evolve with your needs.


When we deliver our RPO services, we ensure the right audience hears your message loud and clear. Our RPO services attract your preferred candidates while enhancing your image and building your employer brand.


Our RPO services are systematic, objective-based, simplified, and analytically sound. Our custom RPO solutions will ensure your hiring process is free from any redundancy, offering you fast hiring possibilities and a vast applicant pool that keeps growing.

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Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is a service acquired by companies that intend to outsource their recruitment process completely or may want to outsource certain phases of the recruitment process to gain efficiency, reduce costs, and achieve better candidate quality.

Growing companies need to be efficient in their recruitment practices, and specialist RPO service providers ensure that the proposed candidates are the best match for the company, minimize hiring costs, enhance the company’s employer brand image, and offer reliable strategic hiring solutions.

All companies can opt for RPO services as they offer high cost-effectiveness and maximum scalability based on the needs of each company operating in any industry. RPO solutions offered by RFS HR can be delivered remotely, on-premises, and even in a hybrid manner.

There is no finite timeline for implementing specially designed RPO solutions. However, it may take around four to eight weeks to understand the scope of the RPO solution to its final rolling out and achieving recruitment excellence.

Companies that opt for RPO services receive a long-term recruitment solution specially designed and dedicated to the company’s specific hiring needs. The function of a premium recruitment solution is to remain flexible and scalable. So in case the hiring requirements change, it will be effortless for the RPO systems to adapt to the new needs if compared with the traditional hiring methods. It is one way to achieve organizational agility as well.

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