The RFS Managment Team

Waseem Rajaa

Waseem Raja

Director Growth Strategy

Having more than a decade of leadership experience in implementing globally recognized HRM best practices. Waseem is enabling several MNCs in the Legal, Banking & Finance, Technical Retail, Wealth Management, and Telecom sector. His expertise includes Strategic Organizational Growth, Process Re-Engineering, RPO, Change Management, Managing Employee Relations, Talent advisory, and more. Currently, he is focused on the global expansion of RFS HR Consultancy.

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Industry Insights

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Strategic Planning

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Operational Excellence

Drr Faraz

Dr. Fraz C.

Advisor Strategy

A globally recognized Agile CX Coach and Expert, Dr. Fraz has an all-encompassing experience of more than 15 years of facilitating C-Level Executives to effectively navigate through evolving digital and consumer behavior landscape across top-tier industries. His expertise includes Organizational Transformation while focusing on Customer Contact Centers, Corporate Communications & PR, Innovating Business Process Management, Strategic Marketing & Branding, and others.

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Corporate Leadership

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Agile CX Enabler

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Service Excellence

Furqan Zafa

Furqan Zafar

business manager

Having almost ten years of Executive and Management Search experience in the MEA region. Furqan has successfully placed highly sought-after professionals in the FMCG, Luxury & Technical Retail, Banking & Finance (Fintech & Capital Ventures), Tech & Digital, Healthcare, Real Estate, Energy, and Nationalization (Emiratisation + Saudization) sectors, respectively. He is focused on empowering Large Organizations to find their future leaders with minimal risks and ultimate confidentiality.

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Exclusive Recruitment

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Search Specialist

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Emiratisation & Saudization

Farhan zafa

Farhan Zafar Khan

Business Manager GCC

Being a Client Acquisition Expert, Farhan offers more than seven years of experience in the Staffing and Recruitment based business development. He mainly operates in the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) countries as a focal resource on Manpower, Construction, Facility Management and Supply-based Industries. His expertise in Digital Transformation, Strategic Business Development & Marketing, and a remarkable Sales skillset enables him to enforce strong Client Satisfaction Standards in RFS.  

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Business Management

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Client Satisfaction

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Digital Enabler

Hassan raja

Hassan Saddique

recruitment consultant

Having almost eight years of professional sourcing experience in the entire recruitment life cycle within the MEA region. Hassan offers expertise in the talent acquisition process and resource management strategies in Healthcare, and Real Estate. Hassan is a key resource in assisting organizations to achieve strategic growth with minimal hassle. Currently, he is focused on innovating the screening questions and job postings to stay ahead in the recruitment industry.

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Innovative Recruitment

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Local Hiring

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Seamless Staffing

Sonia Ali Consultant Exective Search

Sonia Ali

recruitment consultant

Having around twelve years of professional Recruitment and Executive Search experience, Sonia is among the most senior specialist recruiters of RFS HR Consultancy. As a proven Principal Consultant, her exclusive skillset includes Executive & Management Search, Talent Strategy, and Emiratization. Her end-to-end mandate delivery in the Technology, Banking, Real Estate, Fintech, IT, and Family Business Sectors makes her an all-rounder in the MEA recruitment industry.


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Talent Strategist

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Emiratisation Recruitment

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Recruitment All-Rounder


Nadeem Amjad

associate recruitment consultant

Having more than a decade of inclusive experience in Executive Search, Contingency, Bulk, Contract, Remote, and Full-Cycle Recruitment, specializing in the Digital and IT domain among several other industries. Nadeem offers precision-based sourcing expertise to clients coming from top-tier industries. He has already served significantly in the US and Middle Eastern region. He is the go-to person when it comes to sourcing any IT professional required in any given industry.

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Full-Cycle Recruitment

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Precision Hiring

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Specialized Sourcing

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Humayun Khan

associate recruitment consultant

Having around thirteen years of specialized experience in Human Resource Planning, Management, and Consultation in the healthcare sector and several other industries. Humayun offers recruitment insights and solutions that ensure organizational growth with maximum accuracy, transparency, and corporate integrity. He has served clients of all sizes regarding strategic recruitment consultation and offers critical decision-making expertise for short-term and long-term organizational growth goals.

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Strategic Consultation

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Healthcare Recruitment

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Critical Insights

Group 163

Imtisal Baig

research associate

Having almost five years of international recruitment industry experience and working as an HR Generalist. Imtisal is an emerging Recruitment Specialist of RFS HR Consultancy, her expertise in emerging technologies enables her to comprehend the hiring preferences of growing companies. She is currently focusing on serving SMEs with preference-based recruitment and aims to excel in the domain in the near future.

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Preference Recruitment

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HR Generalist

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SMEs Recruitment

Group 160

Malaika Saqib

Creative Lead

Malaika Saqib offers a unique approach driven by creative innovation to build a compelling brand perception. Her extensive research of the global recruitment industry enables her to define the best practices for initiating, producing, and deploying creative strategies, designs, and developments in terms of UI and UX while achieving the perfect mix of their elements. Malaika has the rare ability to deliver high-quality results with impeccable designs, even in high-pressure situations.

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User Experience

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Atif Iqbal

PR & Content Lead

Atif Iqbal is a researcher, a communications specialist, and a published writer with more than thirteen years of experience in content marketing and mainstream print and digital media. He has served in multiple industries and keeps a keen eye on worldwide social and economic events. Atif also offers valuable insights regarding recruitment best practices in the top-tier sectors operating in local and international settings.

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Public Relations

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Corporate Communications

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