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Undoubtedly, the oil and gas industry powers our whole world, and we at RFS HR power the oil and gas companies with suitable candidates. Our exclusive recruitment services enable our clients to operate in the upstream, midstream, downstream, LNG, and chemical domains with complete project life cycle solutions. Our proposed candidates offer maximum reliability and commitment at every step.

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Oil and Gas globally is considered to be a comparatively stable industry. However, even the minutest fluctuations can create a significant effect due to the sheer magnitude and massive supply chains. As a qualified oil and gas sector recruitment agency, our focus is prioritized on finding candidates that can fulfill all the requirements of our clients.

We cater to the hiring needs of companies engaged in exploration to production and then suppliers to the outlets, engulfing the whole industrial recruitment process. We also offer dedicated and reliable candidate options for shallow and deep water marine, all terrestrial, and even remote location-based recruitment solutions to ensure you never face barriers to assembling your staff. ...

RFS HR Consultancy has the expertise, the global network, the exclusive access, and the industry veteran recruiters who can ensure your organization is equipped with the right talent at all times and places. We conduct thorough shortlisting processes to ensure our executive search brings maximum value to your organization, empowering you to achieve all milestones and strategic organizational goals.

We Understand

The variations like jobs in the oil and gas industry are unique; they require exclusive skill sets and the will to become a leader. We understand all the industry dynamics, and with these insights, our recruiters ensure your time is well-spent. Our primary objective is to become your strategic recruitment partner with excellent end-to-end project recruitment service delivery.


Being part of the upstream domain of the oil and gas industry, we can empower you with the right professionals to facilitate the exploration operations of your organization. We can easily find your missing resources. We operate beyond geographical restrictions, so you can build a team to ensure your organization achieves all the short- and long-term goals.

In the second part of the upstream domain of the oil and gas industry, we can equip your workforce with the appropriate resources to enhance your production levels. We offer premium recruitment services for the production phase of the oil and gas industry; our recruiters are well-versed in the operational proceedings of the oil production companies, which saves you time and resources.

It falls under the midstream domain of the oil and gas industry, where the procured materials are stored before global distribution. Our recruitment and executive search expertise in the oil and gas storage domain is second to none worldwide. We can map the global candidate market for you and shortlist the best candidates quickly and efficiently.

The second part of the midstream domain is where the stored materials get transported to designated locations for further processing of the crude oil and related materials. If you are looking for resources that know the inside outs of the oil and gas local and global distribution channels, we can equip you with the right resources with round-the-clock services worldwide.

It is the primary function of the downstream domain of the industry; this is where the crude oil and other materials are refined for public consumption. We can find you the relevant resources in this domain based on your personalized preferences in no time. Our recruiters are always on their toes; they ensure you get suitable candidates for every hiring opportunity.

The last part of the industrial process includes retail management, marketing, and branding professionals, which we can provide. Our recruitment specialists understand the oil and gas industry from a micro perspective and a macro scale, allowing us to find the resources that can become integral parts of your organization in the long run.

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We at RFS HR Consultancy offer specialist recruiters with significant oil and gas industry experience; their knowledge becomes a catalyst to build your dream team without any challenges. We not only save you time and resources, but we also deliver the best available candidates responsibly.

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Our oil and gas staffing solutions are customized based on your industrial domain, location, engineering, operations, and other needs. Once we grasp your needs, we activate our global network of professionals to discover the best candidates for your organization and objectives.

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We are keen observers in watching and anticipating the fluctuations in the global oil and gas industry. It is one way to ensure scalable recruitment solutions while being completely flexible to manage through the foreseen and unforeseen changes.

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Industry knowledge is vital to understanding the role of a particular resource in a company and its career path. RFS HR Consultancy has recruiters who have been part of the industry themselves; this way, they can better judge the shortlisting, selection, and making of offers to the candidates.

The oil and gas industry is multi-faceted, and companies operating in the industry often have multinational presence and operations. It becomes difficult to engage employees who can travel to other countries on short notice or may be willing to relocate with their families. The oil and gas industry's exploration and production domain also offers lucrative salaries. Still, the workers may also have to stay in remote or marine-based locations for considerable timeframes, making the job challenging. Another aspect is the needed skillset which keeps on upgrading with new technologies.

Yes, every company that plans to grow can automate its recruitment process by implementing automated solutions like recruitment process outsourcing. RFS HR Consultancy offers premium recruitment process outsourcing solutions which can be easily scaled up or down based on the client's needs.

Yes, oil and gas companies offer some of the best salary packages in the world, and based on the employee's experience and skill, they can receive highly lucrative benefits as well, like insurance, free travel, paid holidays, and so much more.

Based on the company's size and growth plans, outsourcing the recruitment process to professionals like RFS HR can enable the company to achieve sustainable recruitment systems. It is one way to get the required resources on time and risk-free. It can also assist in minimizing the recruitment costs for the companies in the short and long run.

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