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The hospitality industry is thriving all over the world, creating a valid surge in the demand for talent in a competitive candidate market. RFS HR Consultancy offers premium hospitality staffing and executive search for fine dining, casual fast foods, retail cafes, luxury clubs, and hotels. We facilitate you to get your preferred resources in time, with minimal hassle, and the best market has to offer.

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The need for the ideal talent in the hospitality industry is more critical than in several other industries because of the personalized experience customers expect to get from these businesses. RFS HR Consultancy has delivered several resources to hospitality industries of all types, who later became critical members of their teams.

Similarly, the advent of new technologies in the hospitality industry drives the need to onboard staff close to emerging technologies. It is one way a hospitality industry can have a minimal employee turnover, while the employee can have a promising and flourishing career in the said establishment. Either way, RFS HR Consultancy has the expertise and the inside knowledge to ensure your staffing needs are catered to with utmost care and visible results....

At RFS HR Consultancy, we dedicate our best resources to clients interested in quick or strategic recruitment based on their organizational goals. We offer our vast global network of professionals who can assist you in executive searches that are highly effective and risk-free. Connect with us today to gain the best resources for your hospitality business.

We Understand

It doesn’t matter for the top hospitality industries who intend to serve their guests in the best way possible during peak season or off-season. Our job is to enable these industries with scalable recruitment solutions to achieve service excellence in all operational domains. Being a one-stop staffing solution provider, we can efficiently address all our clients’ needs.


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Executive and C-Suite Personnel

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Vice President, Operations

Event Managers

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As online bookings and reservations are now accepted worldwide, hospitality businesses need tech-savvy personnel in their establishments. We facilitate them in finding the most suitable candidates based on their unique preferences with high success rates.

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Our executive search for the hospitality industry encompasses a global professional network, getting exclusive access to candidate markets, which is impossible in ordinary ways. If you have a need for a specific resource profile, we'll help you find, analyze, and onboard them with maximum efficiency.

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Our recruitment services offer premium candidates within your specified time frame; we also provide maximum transparency and confidentiality to ensure you get the best value from RFS HR Consultancy. We aim to make your business successful by building your ideal team without hassle.

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RFS HR Consultancy’s specialized recruitment consultants are always in your reach. We are available round the clock ready to provide end-to-end recruitment solutions, based on your unique challenges and custom plans of growth.

Connect with us to find out how we can facilitate your next hiring with ultimate recruits and maximum value. Once we get your preferences our experienced recruiters are instantly activated to get your candidates sourced, aligned, analysed, and shortlisted before being proposed to you.

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Recruitment services for all industries are in high demand these days, mainly due to the change in how we conduct business, driven by technology. The hospitality industry is also evolving with the support of new technologies, and finding tech-savvy workers requires a professional recruitment service like RFS HR Consultancy.

During the recent COVID-19 pandemic, the hospitality industry was affected the most; hiring was almost brought to a halt. In fact, there were a lot of layoffs happening in the industry at that time; in the new normal, recruitment in the hospitality industry has become more efficient, and the latest technologies are being used to onboard the best resources in a minimal time.

RFS HR Consultancy has the best recruitment practices implemented in its operations, and we keep on improving with the help of the latest technologies available and by observing the changes in the industries as well. Our hospitality recruitment services save time, offer top-tier candidates, and deliver transparent communication and onboarding services to all stakeholders combined, making the whole experience effective and efficient.

Yes, RFS HR Consultancy has the right contacts and a vast global network of professionals who are well-connected and ensure the proposed candidates offer maximum value to our clients. We always strive to deliver service excellence to our clients, enabling us to explore new markets and attract high-performing candidates from other parts of the world.

Yes, we have already placed senior and mid-level management staff including Chefs, in various hospitality businesses with ease and maximum client satisfaction. Our strategic recruitment services allow our clients instant access to great candidate profiles that can be attracted to work for them, with transparency and confidentiality as a priority. 

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Impeccable recruits based on your budgets, needs, and growth aspirations without any hassle at all.

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Holistic recruitment services focused on delivering maximum client satisfaction for all placements.

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Stress-free tech-enabled executive search and recruitment partners that operate as your extended team.


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