FMCG Success Story for a Confidential High-Impact Position

FMCG Success Story for a Confidential, High-Impact Position


A globally known FMCG company approached RFS HR Consultancy, a specialist recruitment firm, to facilitate in hiring their new Head of Marketing. The company required hiring a high-impact professional with an evident track record of successful campaigns in the FMCG industry within two months. The client also provided us with a list of essential preferences that would enable them to ensure the candidate was the perfect fit within their organization.


RFS HR Consultancy took the challenge with complete responsibility and dedicated their best recruitment consultants specializing in the FMCG industry. The recruitment firm’s challenge was finding a candidate who met the company’s detailed requirements within a concise timeframe without compromising the quality of the proposed candidates and maintaining secrecy to avoid any commotion within the market. The ideal candidate would have a strong understanding of the FMCG industry, a proven marketing success track record, and a strong leadership presence within the domain.



Recruitment consultants of RFS HR Consultancy deployed their highly efficient globalized Executive Search process, which included a worldwide network of professionals from the FMCG industry. The recruitment firm initiated the executive search process by conducting a thorough market scan while being very discreet in their approach, and they were looking for particular profiles that were not very common in the market.

RFS HR Consultancy identified a small number of potential candidates who met the FMCG client’s detailed requirements. Still, only a few candidates were interested in looking for other opportunities. After a robust candidate market analysis, past performance evaluations, the firm then carefully screened each candidate and proceeded to conduct in-depth interviews.


RFS HR Consultancy placed the candidate within the time frame with zero glitches, end-to-end transparency, complete confidentiality, and excellent service standards. The FMCG company recruited a high-impact professional with an almost 99% accuracy rate for the Head of Marketing position. The candidate was a perfect fit for the company and has made a significant contribution to the company’s success to date.

Client Feedback:

“RFS HR Consultancy had a deep understanding of the FMCG industry and they quickly addressed our specific requirements of the Head of Marketing position. They conducted a thorough market research and identified only the qualified candidates so we could make a more accurate and risk free decision. We consider RFS HR Consultancy as our strategic recruitment partner and will definitely recommend them to larger organizations who cannot risk a wrong hire.”


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