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Our client, a leading financial services organization, faced a significant challenge when recruiting a Head of Commercial Leasing to support their real-estate business growth.


Despite their best efforts, the client needed help to find the right candidate with the required expertise and experience to excel in the role. In addition, they required a recruitment agency that could help them find a suitable candidate quickly and efficiently


Our recruitment agency worked closely with the client to gain a deep understanding of their requirements and identified the necessary skills and experience for the role. We leveraged our extensive network and targeted search methods to find potential candidates who matched the client’s needs. Our screening and selection processes were rigorous, including interviews and assessments, to ensure that the candidate we presented would be a good fit for the role.


Within two months, we successfully placed a highly qualified and experienced candidate as the Head of Commercial Leasing. The client was pleased with our services and commended our ability to deliver quality candidates on time. The candidate we placed helped the client achieve their goals and contributed to their growth plans.

Client Feedback:

“The recruitment agency did a fantastic job finding the right candidate for a critical role in our organization. They were thorough, professional, and efficient in their search process. We highly recommend their services to any firm seeking top talent.


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