We are an emerging and growing recruitment agency that is striving to make a difference in the world or talent acquisition and executive search. As thorough professionals in the field of talent acquisition, we always go an extra mile to develop an understanding of company’s needs and offer them the most pertinent talent that perfectly fit their needs. We have a team of professional and experienced talent acquisition specialists who possess extensive and in-depth industry knowledge. They minimize the risks involved in the recruitment process. Our employment agency enables you to choose the talent that helps you achieve your business objectives, successfully.

As global trends and issues impact businesses, it’s necessary to have business enablers who drive top line growth and innovation across markets, channels, products and customers, while managing tight bottom line fundamentals. RFS delivers solutions within following FMCG & Retail segment:

FMCG: Consumer Goods; Beauty Care; Consumer Electronics; Consumer Healthcare; Food and Beverage; Home Appliances and Furnishings; Personal, Family and Home Care; Sports Equipment; Toys and Games

Retail: Retail, Apparel & Luxury Goods; Department Stores; Grocery, Drug and Convenience; Mass, Online and Speciality Retail

Typical functions that RFS delivers solutions within include:

  • Sales & Business Development and Shop Floor Management
  • Marketing & Brand Management
  • Shared services – IT, Finance, Legal, CSR, Communications and HR
  • Technical – Operations, Manufacturing, Engineering, Quality Control, HSSE and R&D
  • Supply Chain, Logistics & Procurement

Natural resources of RFS HR division consists of four sub-divisions, each with exclusively dedicated experts:

Energy (Down, Mid and Upstream)
Utilities (Electricity (Nuclear, Alternative, etc), Gas and Water)
Agriculture (All Products)
Metals & Mining (Base & Precious Metals, Coal, Minerals and Aggregates)

Sudden market shifts; the demand and supply of the brightest minds; and the currents of independence, freedom and flexibility are all essential to successful evolution within the natural resources space. Energy, agricultural and metal-based firms today are realising that a constant change in talent undermines their long-term viability. RFS delivers solutions across the following functional categories:

Technical – Engineering, Mining, Farming, Processing, Geoscience, HSSE, Quality, Maintenance, R&D and Oilfield Services

Commercial – Business Development; Sub-Sector Specific, Marketing, Sales and Trading
Transport – Supply Chain, Logistics, Trading and Procurement
Shared Services – HR, CSR IT & Technology, Legal, Finance, Real Estate, Strategy and Consulting

As the financial industry addresses increased regulatory pressures and new calls for transparency, balancing planned growth with margins under pressure, agility and market competition. Today’s talent in this sector must be nimble and possess insightful strategic skills. RFS understands the talent shortages and common gaps facing the industry and as such, RFS delivers solutions across the following key functional roles.

  • Insurance: Property, Life, Health, Reinsurance, Brokers and Guarantors
  • Retail & Corporate Banking: Brokers, Retail, Credit Cards, Lenders,
  • Transaction Processors and Leasing
  • Asset & Wealth Management
  • Investment: Investment Banking, Private Equity (Partners, Hedge Funds and Sovereign Entities), Advisory Firms and Brokers
  • Back & Mid Office: Operations, IT. HR, Legal, Finance, Compliance, Risk, Marketing, Sales
  • Other: Exchanges, Clearing, Data, Order and Execution Management

The emerging markets have seen considerable growth within this sector with most governments spending considerable capital in growth projects. Healthcare reform and its ensuing uncertainty call for forging new ways of designing and delivering health care. The demands on leaders are at an all-time high. RFS offers a full range of talent solutions designed specifically to address talent shortages across the following sub-sectors:

  • Medical Diagnostics: General Medical Devices, Instruments, Medical Equipment and Appliances, In-Vitro Diagnostic Products and Equipment, Scientific Instruments, Medical Supplies; Diagnostic Imaging Products and Systems and Molecular Diagnostics
  • Healthcare: Nurses, Doctors, Operational Staff, Shared Services, Marketing, Care Staff, R&D, Healthcare Informatics and Facilities Management
  • Life Science: Biotechnology, Devices and Pharma, Shared Services and Genomics
  • Pharma: Business Development & Strategy, Commercial; Shared Services (HR, IT, Finance, Legal, Compliance, Intellectual Property), Development, Logistics, Procurement, Marketing, Sales, Production, R&D, HSSEQ and Operations

‘RFS HR’ understand the changing demands technology, globalisation, mobility and innovation on clients’ employees, manufacturing, supply chains, operations, energy costs and the competition to capture growth. In the face of these unprecedented changes, to be successful it’s essential to have the right people to operate your company. ‘RFS HR’ delivers a variety of talent solutions across this diversified industry sector.

Primary roles ‘RFS HR’ delivers caters for shared services; Sales & Marketing; Supply Chain & Procurement; Technical Roles – for each of the sub-industries below. ‘RFS HR’ delivers solutions within:

Automotive Parts Manufacturers: Tier One, Tier Two and Other Suppliers
Automotive: Related Services
Automotive Retailers
OEMs: Car, Truck and Other Vehicle Makers
Private Equity Funds Investing in the Automotive Industry
Chemicals & Process Manufacturing:
Chemicals & Petrochemicals
Processing: Industrial or Specialist
Diversified Manufacturing:
All industry Sectors
Equipment & Materials
Industrial Services:
Facilities Management
Waste Management
Infrastructure, Construction & Building Materials:
Paper & Packing:
Converters, Forest Products and Integrated Suppliers
Glass, Metals, Paper and Board and Plastics

Rapid global expansion, shifting trends in ownership and management and emerging outbound travel markets are prompting new competition within the industry, forcing existing firms to focus on new ways to attract and serve customers. Innovation in unique product development and delivery, higher levels of customer service and refocusing marketing to engage consumers are all driving new demands on specific sets of required skills. ‘RFS HR’ serves this diversified industry segment with solutions across:

REITs and Real Estate Development: Asset Management Firms; Commercial and Residential Property Developers; Healthcare Real Estate; Hedge funds; Home-builders; Infrastructure; Institutional Investors, Including Family Offices and Endowments; Investment / Corporate Banks; Private equity; Real Estate Owners / Operators, including REITs; Real Estate Service Providers; Resort and Hospitality Developers
Amusement and Theme Parks
Car Rental, Cruise Lines & Tour Operators
Hotels and Resorts
Restaurants and Food service
Travel Distribution & Travel / Tourism entities

Business Services: Business and professional services firms have grown in complexity and increasingly face the organisational issues once reserved for large multinational corporations. Today, they are reshaping themselves to provide a broader range of consulting services to increasingly sophisticated clients who demand cost-effective and diverse solutions, while striking a balance between the need for professional management and the desire to preserve the unique elements of their culture. ‘RFS HR’ serves the market across:

  • Accounting, Auditing and Tax Firms
  • Business Process Outsourcing
  • HR Consulting
  • Financial Advisory and Transaction Processing
  • Industrial Services, IT Services, Legal Consulting, Operations Consulting
  • Strategy and Management Consulting

Education: To carry out their mission of advancing knowledge and developing the leaders of the future, educational institutions need their own visionary leaders: people with a passion for academic excellence and access, familiarity with the growing role of new technologies in the classroom, a sophisticated global perspective and the ability to attract talent and financial resources. ‘RFS HR’ delivers solutions across this high growth sector across:

  • Administration and Operations
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Educational Foundations
  • Elementary and Secondary Schools
  • Public and Private Education
  • Research & Associated Institutions