Facilitating Executive Search in the IT Industry


In an era where IT skills are in high demand, a well-reputed IT firm with a five-decade legacy encountered an extraordinary challenge – selecting the ideal CEO to lead them into the future. The company had been striving for six months but was not able to find a suitable and visionary candidate to fill the position.

Executive Search in the IT Industry

Finding a candidate for a strategic position in an IT firm was undoubtedly a difficult task. Leading an ever-evolving, competitive industry needs solid leadership and management, along with versatility to adapt to change. Pipelining candidates with all the needed abilities was impeding the hiring process. 

The company was facing a noticeable downfall in its revenue, which was around two million dollars in six months, and various incidents related to missed management were also reported. The company was in urgent need of assistance to resolve this crisis.

Amidst this situation, the board of directors contacted RFS HR Consultancy, an Executive Search firm, to provide a customized solution for this scenario and hire a competent CEO for the company using its expertise.


RFS decided to take over and handle the situation. To commence the task, a dedicated team was assigned to complete the challenge. We analyzed the problems involved in the process to find a tailored solution.

After gaining a thorough understanding, RFS concluded that the main challenge in finding a CEO candidate in the IT industry was the wide skill gap and high demand for these IT skills, due to which there was a shortage of potential candidates in the market.

 Our client was searching for local talent, while we assessed that a global talent search was needed to find the best fit. 

Competitors of our client were offering better financial and growth plans, which was also a barrier to finding the candidate. Another challenge was that the best possible candidates were already placed in deserving positions. 

The urgency to fill the position was also a factor in making the task more difficult because, with the passing of time, the situation was getting more complicated.


RFS presented its Executive Search solution to the problem and activated its global talent acquisition network to discover the best possible candidate with the required qualities.

Firstly, we closely worked with the client to understand their requirements regarding the candidate. We also did a competitor analysis of our client to examine what kind of candidates they have for the relevant position. 

RFS successfully identified potential candidates within a month, but the complexity of the situation increased because one of them had already assumed a CEO role at another company, adding to the complexities of headhunting while maintaining strict confidentiality.

We, on behalf of the client, approached the person and presented a better deal in terms of both financial and professional growth while maintaining the secrecy of our client.

After evaluating all the perspectives and positions of the candidate, we presented them to the client and facilitated the selection process. After the presented candidate’s selection procedure was completed, the intricacies of the legal and onboarding processes were also taken care of by RFS. 


After giving the job to RFS, our customer successfully onboarded the CEO in less than two months. The individual we suggested not only met but also surpassed their requirements in terms of credentials, knowledge, and outlook for the company’s future.

The whole procedure was facilitated with complete confidentiality, and all aspects of the process were handled with strong professionalism and aligned with the company’s vision and values.

Our candidate contributed to the growth of the firm, emerged as the most useful resource for the client, and is still serving to make the company prosper.

This also helped in maintaining a long-term partnership between RFS and our client, and we are currently working with the client as recruiting partners for not only executive positions but also for other recruitments as well.

Client’s Feedback:

“RFS HR Consultancy knows its work and has an exceptional understanding of the ever-evolving HR world. We highly recommend them as HR consulting partners, having expertise ranging from Executive Search to Bulk Recruitment and providing HR solutions under one umbrella. RFS has extensively facilitated our hiring procedures, saving us a lot of time, effort, and revenue.”


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