RFS HR Consultancy is a well-known executive search services provider in the UAE. We cover almost all the top tier industries, and Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority (DAFZA) is one of our focus areas. Growing businesses from multiple industries are operating from DAFZA due to its benefits and perks being provided by the local authorities and city’s infrastructure which is business friendly.

Just like all the other top recruitment process outsourcing companies, RFS HR Consultancy remains on the forefront to find better resources for companies based on their needs and recruitment challenges. Our recruitment consultants are known for their precision based executive search services and recruitment process outsourcing solutions that can easily improve your hiring quality to significant levels. ...

If you are operating in DAFZA and are finding it difficult to recruit the best candidates from the open but competitive markets, let us do the job for you. RFS HR Consultancy offers a perfect mix of analytical research, but empathy led shortlisting of applicants to ensure your company hires the best suited employee with a minimal risk associated.

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Oil & Gas

Oil and gas companies of all sizes are looking for oil and gas staffing solutions to make sure they perform better than their competition. Our dedicated recruiters in DAFZA are ready to serve our clients in terms of single hiring, bulk hiring, or even propose the most suited RPO solutions based on your customized needs and aspirations.

Aviation, Aerospace & Automotive

There are plenty of aviation, aerospace, and automotive recruitment companies operating in DAFZA, but RFS HR can offer you the competitive advantage by giving you a one window solution when it comes to your hiring needs. All we need is the requirement of your next hire and we will dedicate our high value resources to find the perfect match for your company in no time.

Logistics & Freight

Businesses in DAFZA can easily approach highly result oriented logistics recruitment consultants, through RFS HR Consultancy. We understand the challenges you might be facing in your recruitment practices, and our solutions are already tried and tested to offer great results. Let us save your time and resources as you onboard the perfect candidates to be your next employees.

Healthcare & Life Sciences

The most difficult executive search is often faced in recruiting healthcare professionals, there are so many variables, preferences, restrictions, and high demand that approaching right candidates gets tough. At RFS HR Consultancy we propose candidates that will offer extremely high rates of preference match scores. Just share us the requirements and we will do the rest.

Ecommerce & Retail

RFS HR Consultancy takes pride in calling itself a top eCommerce recruitment agency, our tech and IT based recruiters are seasoned, intuitive, and offer great value as they look for the perfect candidates for your company. If you are looking to hire for the resources in DAFZA simply connect with our recruitment consultants so you can hire great resources with minimal hassle.


RFS HR Consultancy is among the best FMCG recruitment agencies in Dubai, our hiring processes are well thought out, they ensure that you can hire with a minimum risk associated with your company’s objectives. We work as your extended inhouse human resources team, just connect with us today and get the chance to employ the best candidates with zero efforts.

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RFS HR Consultancy being one of the best executive search firms in UAE, dedicates its resources to ensure your company hires the best available talent from the highly competitive candidate market. Our global network of professionals allows us to explore and approach candidates that are not accessible to most of our competitors. 

If you are looking for Emiratization recruitment services, RFS HR Consultancy will make sure you are fully compliant with the requirements while being cost effective as well. Our recruitment experts are well connected to different professional networks and can easily approach highly sought after professionals with ease, transparency, and legitimacy as well. 

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Your Talent. Our Mission: Discover the Ultimate Recruitment Service Solutions Today!


RFS HR Consultancy is a complete aviation recruitment solution for SMEs operating worldwide and in the UAE. Our executive search services and recruitment process outsourcing solutions are exemplary, and our clients love to work with us to get the best recruitment services out there.

RFS HR Consultancy offers its specialized and exclusive recruitment services to clients worldwide, however, DAFZA remains our key focus area and our clients get to work with some of the best recruitment consultants available in the region.

RFS HR Consultancy offers highly scalable recruitment process outsourcing solutions to our client companies from all the top-tier industries, we are experts in international recruitment services in DAFZA and other parts of UAE as well. 

Our recruitment specialists are FMCG industry geniuses who understand the candidate markets well and have been operating in the scene for many years. Our proposed candidates match the preferences of our clients with high retention rates and offer acceptance rates.

Our returning clients receive high value oriented executive search services, Emiratization services, Saudization services and RPO solutions from companies based in DAFZA and other parts of the UAE.

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Your Talent. Our Mission: Discover the Ultimate Recruitment Service Solutions Today!

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Phone: +971 50 434 4675


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