RFS HR Consultancy tops the list of medical recruitment agencies in Dubai, mainly because of our precision-based medical staffing solutions that are already part of several hospitals in other parts of Dubai as well.

We understand that ‘Dubai Healthcare City’ is home to a staggering 160 plus clinical facilities that are equipped to facilitate the latest global healthcare practices, infrastructures, and community wellbeing standards. Naturally, the need to recruit healthcare professionals is critical in the medical hub of Dubai and perhaps the whole Middle East....

RFS HR has already fulfilled several top-priority healthcare consultant recruitment services while also specializing in filling the Dubai healthcare city nurse vacancies quickly, efficiently, and with significantly high retention rates.

We offer premium executive search services in multiple international regions. However, we are based in the heart of Dubai itself. Our network of global healthcare professionals allows us to equip your healthcare facility with quality resources based on your healthcare recruitment preferences.

Being in line with some of the best executive search firms in UAE, RFS HR Consultancy promises an ideal match when it comes to filling in your required healthcare resources.

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RFS HR Consultancy is a premium medical staff recruitment agency with a proven network of global healthcare and life sciences professionals. Our recruitment services are unmatched when it comes to sourcing and onboarding high-priority medical professionals like surgeons, consultants, analysts, and the list goes on.

Once you provide us with the details of your recruitment needs, our expert healthcare recruitment consultants will begin finding the perfect match for you almost instantly. Our candidates will be processed through our robust executive search process, eliminating the chance of any wrong hire while retaining all your defined preferences.


Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences

RFS HR Consultancy’s recruitment consultants are high-value head-hunters. They can quickly source, analyze, evaluate, and propose the most accurate matches to your healthcare hiring needs. RFS HR is among the top-rated healthcare staffing agencies in Dubai simply because we really take the time to understand your organization and its culture. Our proposed candidates will save you time, risk, and the headache of the onboarding process.

Hospitals & Clinics

Most of the top recruitment agencies in Dubai are focused on getting the best candidate for their clients. RFS HR Consultancy goes the extra mile to ensure medical practitioners are matched with superior accuracy and observations, both human-based and technology-wise. We can equip your hospitals and clinics by recruiting healthcare professionals who offer high value and with zero inconvenience.

Healthcare Tech

There is a growing demand for healthcare tech professionals in DHCC. RFS, being a specialized medical staff recruitment agency in Dubai, has placed highly sought-after medical professionals in the region. Our competent recruitment specialists can easily find the perfect resources currently missing in your healthcare facilities; all we need are the details to start sourcing for you.

Medical Equipment & Supplies

Medical equipment and supplies are a big market in DHCC particularly, and RFS has been recruiting healthcare professionals for this domain for years successfully. Our proposed candidates offer higher retention rates, offer acceptance rates, and an entirely convenient end-to-end recruitment process for all our healthcare-related clients. Our recruitment consultants are among the top recruiters in the UAE because they are efficient and detail-oriented when it comes to medical staffing services.


Rehab centers are always looking for experienced and capable healthcare and well-being industry professionals. Our medical staffing solutions offer the right fit for all your hiring requirements. We are well versed in the hiring requirements of the medical consultants, administration staff, and even offer premium supply of experienced nurses within DHCC.


Every healthcare clinic in DHCC is required to run different diagnostic tests to treat their patients; this shows the big market of the domain and, naturally, the competition to hire the best resources. RFS is a Dubai healthcare recruitment agency that can quickly recruit the best candidates available in the market with precision and accuracy.

Our Services

Your Talent. Our Mission: Discover the Ultimate Recruitment Service Solutions Today!


RFS HR Consultancy is a premium healthcare recruitment agency; we have been recruiting healthcare professionals for years. Our executive search services can help you find that uncommon resource your organization might be missing. Our RPO services can automate your hiring processes without any hassle. We also provide bulk recruitment, Emiratization, and Saudization recruitment services to our local and international clients.

Our healthcare recruitment services are focused on the DHCC sector. However, our services can be obtained for several other top-performing industries in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and several other countries. Based on your hiring needs, we assign an industry specialist recruitment consultant to ensure you hire the best resources in no time.

Yes, we offer premium yet cost-effective partial and complete RPO solutions to healthcare and life sciences organizations within the DHCC region and beyond. Once we understand your recruitment needs, we devise a fully customized RPO solution that will work best for your unique organization.

Our medical staffing solutions are second to none; we propose candidates with maximum accuracy and preference match scores. This way, we enable all our clients who operate clinics and hospitals in DHCC to hire better by minimizing the chance of any wrong hire or delayed hiring processes.

We offer premium executive search, healthcare-specific RPO solutions, Emiratization compliance, and bulk hiring services in the DHCC region. Our specialist healthcare and life sciences recruiters are seasoned head hunters who understand the industry well and offer exclusive access to high-value candidates in local and international candidate markets.

Our Services

Your Talent. Our Mission: Discover the Ultimate Recruitment Service Solutions Today!

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Phone: +971 50 434 4675


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