RFS HR Consultancy offers exclusive services to companies in Dubai Internet City by robustly recruiting IT talent for its diverse hiring partners. We specialize in IT recruitment across the globe, especially in Dubai Internet City, as our dedicated IT recruiters understand the talent markets very well. If you are looking for the best AI recruiting solutions, you have come to the right place.

Our digital executive recruitment services are now backed by highly efficient executive search processes along with direct human interaction to ensure you find top talent for every vacant position. So, if you are looking for an international recruitment agency in DIC for Emiratisation recruitment, all you need to do is get in touch with our recruitment consultants, who offer exclusive recruitment solutions so your company can stay ahead of your competition....

Dubai Internet City houses thousands of cutting-edge digital and IT companies, making it a challenge for even the top recruitment agencies in the UAE to fill the positions quickly. RFS HR Consultancy is among the few IT recruitment companies in the UAE that can get your desired resource with the maximum match score more conveniently.

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Digital & IT

Companies operating in DIC are always looking for the perfect digital executive recruitment services, and RFS HR is doing the job by placing high-value professionals in these companies. Our IT recruitment consultants are second to none, as we ensure our proposed candidates take on your job responsibilities based on their exclusive skill set and retention rates.

Fintech & Blockchain

DIC offers premium business opportunities for the modern finance industry. Hence, the need for Fintech & Blockchain professionals is crucial. We are a tried and tested blockchain recruitment agency since we can enable you to hire critical resources with minimal hassle. Get your next resource with our expert Fintech executive recruiters; you are just a click away from us.

Ai & Robotics

We all know that AI and robotics are changing the global way of doing business. Organizations that hire recruitment companies in the UAE tend to get the best resources with ease. RFS HR is a top-of-the-line AI recruitment agency, mainly because we conduct deep research into identifying the company culture fit resources while ensuring they offer the expertise needed to do the job they will be hired for.

Cyber Security

With more than four billion internet users worldwide, the need for advanced cybersecurity hiring is critical. RFS HR Consultancy, the best executive search firm in the UAE, facilitates its client companies in finding and onboarding high-value professionals with ample cyber security experience. We ensure our proposed resources have the potential to become your top future employees.

E-commerce & Online Retail

DIC has some of the best business infrastructure features for e-commerce and online retail businesses. RFS HR Consultancy offers premium retail and e-commerce recruitment services within DIC and beyond. If you want to hire the best resources within DIC, just connect with our recruiters; they will find the perfect resource you are looking to hire in your company.

Legal & Compliance

DIC houses several companies requiring a fully functional legal and compliance department. As one of the top legal recruiting firms, we help companies of all sizes find compliance candidates quickly and efficiently. RFS can easily facilitate your hiring needs if you are planning to hire a specific profile or want to build a whole department.

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RFS HR Consultancy is among the top recruitment agencies in Dubai for foreigners, mainly because a number of expats are opening up companies in regions like DIC. RFS HR Consultancy follows globally recognized best practices, making us one of the best recruitment agencies in Dubai.

Our recruitment consultants have access to a global network of professionals, enabling us to hire top-level resources easily. Once you provide us with the details of your next hire, we start working to locate, analyze, evaluate, shortlist, and onboard the best-fit profiles based on your specific requirements.

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Your Talent. Our Mission: Discover the Ultimate Recruitment Service Solutions Today!


RFS HR offers premium executive search services along with RPO, Emiratisation recruitment, and Saudization recruitment services. We have expert recruitment consultants who offer services in all top-tier industries globally. Once you provide us with the details of your hiring challenges, we will present a robust solution based entirely on your requirements.

Our services are focused on Dubai Internet City, but we also cover the entire UAE and several other countries. Our clients get to hire their favorite candidates from the local and global talent markets without any hassle. It becomes entirely our client’s choice to engage the top resources from their favored candidate markets.

Yes, we offer affordable and high-value RPO solutions to digital and IT companies in the DIC region and the UAE. Once we receive the details of your recruitment process outsourcing needs, we create a tailored RPO solution that will suit your unique business and hiring processes.

RFS HR Consultancy is known to be an expert in international recruitment services in the DIC sector. We can conduct executive searches to find high-value candidates at affordable rates and offer you recruitment process outsourcing solutions based on your needs alone.

RFS HR Consultancy offers exclusive access to local and international candidate markets for the short-term and long-term hiring needs of our clients based in DIC. Our recruitment experts can offer high-value, dedicated executive search, Recruitment,  RPO, Emiratisation, and Saudization services to all top-tier industries worldwide.

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Your Talent. Our Mission: Discover the Ultimate Recruitment Service Solutions Today!

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