RFS HR Consultancy is well known for placing high-value media practitioners in several client companies. Our digital executive recruitment services can enable your business to stand apart from the competition within the Dubai Production City.

Dubai Production City has a number of media recruitment agencies operating within the city, but RFS HR being at the top can enable you to find, analyze, evaluate, finalize, and onboard your ideal resources quickly and cost-effectively. Our empowering executive search services can help you build your teams almost effortlessly. All you need to do is connect with us, and you will get expert international recruitment services without any issues. ...

Our recruitment process outsourcing solutions have enabled multiple companies to achieve sustainable hiring practices in the long run. We assure you that you will get top talent with minimal hassle while always being on point with your hiring preferences. Digital marketing recruitment by RFS HR will ensure you receive great resources almost instantly from the most competitive candidate markets.

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Media and Production

DPC is the hub of media and production houses, which includes digital media as well. RFS HR Consultancy’s digital marketing recruitment services engulf all types of junior and senior-level executives that you can access simply from your mobile phones. RFS HR is among the modern recruitment agencies in Dubai. We retain this title by equipping your media and production houses with only the best resources available in the candidate market.

Digital Media

At RFS HR Consultancy, we understand the significance of digital media and its recruitment for small and medium companies within and outside of DPC. Our specialist recruiters take time to understand your company's requirements before they propose any candidate, making us one of the best executive search firms in UAE. If you are looking for exceptional copywriters, SEO experts, or PPC pros, we are here to serve you.

IT and Innovation

RFS HR Consultancy is considered among Dubai's top IT recruitment agencies due to our offer acceptance rates and minimum time required from sourcing to onboarding your desired talent. Our IT recruiters, utilizing their global network and well-established talent pool, can be the most effective ones to meet your requirements.

Advertising and Marketing

Advertising recruitment in DPC is considered to be among the toughest talent placement services since the competition in this candidate market is just epic. Similarly, sourcing suitable candidates in marketing recruitment is no less than a challenge either. RFS HR has got you covered, as we have the right connections to pursue any required profile with ease and confidentiality. Just let us know which skill set you are looking for, and we will do the rest.

Exhibition and Events

DPC is the go-to place for producing content that can pivot global consumer behavior; brands often host exhibitions and events to capture the most captivating moments for their marketing. This is why we get a high demand for premium event management recruitment services from our clients based in this part of Dubai. Just let us know what type of talent you require, and our recruitment consultants will start looking for your next hire.

Film Production

DPC has all the required infrastructure and support needed to film Hollywood’s next blockbuster. RFS HR Consultancy can help you find the best-suited film production candidates quickly and cost-effectively. Our film production recruiters are highly capable individuals who understand the candidate market and can even quickly source professionals from other countries. Just connect with us today and hire your next production team through us.

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RFS HR Consultancy is among the top hiring companies in Dubai simply because we ensure our proposed candidates match our clients’ preferences to maximum levels. This way, we can achieve our service excellence while saving you time and valuable resources. We can easily source, analyze, evaluate, and onboard all marketing, advertising, IT, and digital media resources.

Our recruitment processes are tried and tested as we update them with the latest technology and the right automation tools so you can receive maximum value from us. Our recruitment specialists are connected with a global network of professionals that enable us to source even the most difficult-to-source candidates with relative ease and higher accuracy when it comes to offering acceptance rates and retention rates.

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Your Talent. Our Mission: Discover the Ultimate Recruitment Service Solutions Today!


RFS HR Consultancy is among the top recruitment process outsourcing companies; our expertise includes placing highly sought-after individuals in top-tier industries. We can enable you to hire top-level production teams, writers, directors, C-Suite in marketing and communications, and even digital marketing experts worldwide.

RFS HR offers its media and marketing recruitment services focused within the Dubai Production City. However, our services are available in several other countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, and others. Based on your recruitment needs, we assign an industry specialist staffing consultant to ensure you hire the best resources quickly and efficiently.

Yes, we offer premium and highly sought-after partial and complete RPO solutions to DPC Dubai and UAE, among other countries. Once we receive your recruitment needs, we create a fully tailored RPO solution that will work best for your organization’s unique needs.

Our media staffing solutions are robust and have room for no errors; we propose candidates with high accuracy in preference match scores. It is just one way we enable all our clients that operate media and production houses in DPC to hire better by minimizing the chance of any wrong hire or time-consuming hiring processes.

We offer premium executive search and media, advertising, marketing-specific RPO solutions, and IT hiring services in the Dubai Production City.

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Your Talent. Our Mission: Discover the Ultimate Recruitment Service Solutions Today!

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