RFS HR Consultancy is a top-performing agency among the best recruitment agencies in Dubai for foreigners. Dubai South has become a place to be for growing businesses and thanks to the region’s perks and benefits for international brands, the demand for high-value professionals keeps on increasing.

RFS HR Consultancy searches endlessly until we find the perfect candidate for our clients who are operating in top-tier industries locally and globally. Being a recognized recruitment company in Dubai, our executive search-led proposed candidates are sure-shot placements as we scrutinize each profile with the latest tech and analytics available in the recruitment industry....

Dubai South is growing with high-performing companies and to fuel their performance, RFS HR’s experienced recruiters are finding and placing the right talent for their workforce. Our intuitive approach is based upon the drive of our proposed candidates who aim to become a high performer in your organization. Experience executive search services like never before.

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Aerospace & Manufacturing

Dubai South is unique in terms of being the Aerospace Hub of the region, this is why aerospace-related companies are thriving in the area, which means more demand for potential candidates as well. Manufacturing and Aerospace recruitment is challenging for companies themselves, but at RFS HR Consultancy, you get professional recruiters to do the aerospace executive search for you.

Construction & Real Estate

We at RFS HR Consultancy propose the most suited candidates to ensure that your company receives only the best construction recruitment services in short turnaround times. Our candidates will match your preferences to maximum degrees and will also have a high retention rate over time. Share with us the requirements of your next hire, and we will start looking immediately.

Digital & Tech

In this digital-driven era, RFS HR understands the talent needs of the businesses at Dubai International Financial Centre to match the advancements. Our team of professional recruiters is well-versed in the latest digital and tech trends, ensuring we can identify and recruit candidates with the necessary skills and ability to adapt and excel in a diverse cultural environment.

Healthcare & Life Sciences

There are few healthcare recruitment agencies in the UAE that really spend time searching and evaluating potential candidates before proposing them to clients. At RFS HR Consultancy, our recruiters understand the value of your time, and we only propose candidates after thorough scrutiny to ensure you get the best resources with minimal hassle every time.


Just like other parts of UAE, the region of Dubai South also needs premium resources when it comes to hospitality recruitment in Dubai. Dubai is perhaps most famous because of its hospitality industry, which is why companies cannot compromise on the quality of their resources. We make sure you hire only the best resources from the candidate markets.

Automotive & Transportation

Premium automotive staffing companies like RFS HR Consultancy are well prepared to serve our clients in almost all top-tier industries. Dubai South is home to many automotive and transportation companies. We proudly serve them with premium resources from local and global candidate markets so they can perform better than their competition.

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Today, RFS HR Consultancy is among the best recruitment agencies in Dubai because our recruitment consultants have access to local and global candidate markets, allowing us to reach even the most challenging profiles out there easily. If your company is stuck on hiring a premium profile, just let us know, and we will do the rest for you.

RFS HR is also well known for the recruitment process outsourcing companies in Dubai. We offer only customized RPO solutions for companies of any size and industry. We believe in achieving high efficiency when it comes to RPO solutions, and therefore, we devise dedicated plans to make sure your company hires the best resources at minimal costs. 

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Your Talent. Our Mission: Discover the Ultimate Recruitment Service Solutions Today!


RFS HR Consultancy understands the market conditions of Dubai South well; our recruitment services are designed to address the needs of our clients in the region with high efficiency. Our automotive and transportation executive search can easily find and place your next C-Level employee while ensuring they comply with all your preferences.

RFS HR Consultancy is based in Dubai and several other countries, so our premium recruitment services are available almost worldwide. However, our focused executive search and RPO services in the Dubai South region remain exemplary.

RFS HR Consultancy experts in international recruitment services as we offer premium RPO solutions for your customized needs. We first research and understand your current hiring processes, and then we devise our RPO solutions so you can achieve hiring excellence in no time.

Recruitment consultants in RFS HR Consultancy are hospitality industry veterans themselves; they know the operations and need to hire the best resources available to offer better experiences to their customers. This way, our proposed candidates will not only match your preferences at higher rates but also ensure you get high retention rates and offer acceptance rates as well. 

We offer executive search services, emiratization services, Saudization services and RPO solutions to companies based in Dubai South and other parts of the world. All we need are the requirements of your next hire and we will do the necessary bit to find and onboard the best candidates for your company and vacant positions. 

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Your Talent. Our Mission: Discover the Ultimate Recruitment Service Solutions Today!

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Phone: +971 50 434 4675


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