As the best recruitment agency in Ajman, RFS HR Consultancy secures best-in-class professionals for businesses operating across various sectors. Our specialist top recruiters in UAE have a vast global network, in-depth industry knowledge, and experience placing passionate individuals in businesses across multiple industries for temporary, permanent, and contract-based positions.

RFS HR recruitment agency in Ajman offers efficient and strategic solutions to secure your preferred resources promptly, tapping into the best the market offers. Whether you are seeking local expertise or accessing global professionals for your team, RFS HR Consultancy is a leader among the best recruitment agencies in Ajman, recruiting top talent worldwide. ...

RFS HR Consultancy stands out among the top recruitment agencies in Ajman due to its precise approach. We ensure that each placement perfectly aligns with our client's needs and contributes to their organisational success. We deliver customised staffing solutions, executive search services, Emiratisation recruitment, and Saudization recruitment services across various industries and sectors in the UAE.

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Digital and IT

RFS HR consultancy stands out among the best IT recruitment agencies in Ajman due to its extensive experience in digital recruitment and sourcing highly skilled IT staff with exceptional expertise. Our tech recruiters help companies hire talent that meets their current needs and drives long-term growth.

Logistics and Supply Chain

RFS HR Consultancy is more than traditional supply chain recruitment agencies; we're your committed partners in linking you with exceptional talent worldwide. Our logistics recruitment consultants have outstanding expertise in logistics recruitment services to connect you with professionals capable of handling logistics and supply chain industry complexities.

Construction and Real Estate

RFS HR consultancy is your go-to real estate recruitment solutions. Our exclusive dedication to the industry and efficient and precise approaches to securing the best international talent make us stand out among construction management recruitment agencies in UAE. Our real estate and construction consultants in Ajman have unbeatable expertise in recruiting real estate agents.


RFS HR stands out among healthcare recruitment agencies in the UAE due to its deep industry knowledge, expertise, and commitment to effective medical staffing solutions. With our vast network, industry-specific expertise, and resources, we specialise in identifying and recruiting healthcare professionals from local and global candidate markets. Let us handle the intricacies of the sector and deliver exclusive recruitment solutions to build your healthcare team.


RFS HR Consultancy is an exclusive recruitment firm in Ajman that offers a single-point staffing solution for your FMCG company. Our expert FMCG recruiters, with extensive industry knowledge, ensure access to top talent from local and global candidate markets. Streamline your recruitment approach with our Recruitment Process Outsourcing solutions.


RFS HR Consultancy is among the foremost hospitality recruitment agencies in Ajman, offering specialised executive search services for hospitality businesses. Our hotel recruitment services save time and connect top talent with excellent opportunities in the industry across various roles, from entry-level to executive positions.

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RFS HR Consultancy is among the top recruitment agencies in UAE having extensive experience sourcing highly skilled professionals with exceptional expertise faster than anyone. Our team is composed of top recruiters in the UAE who comprehensively understand candidate personas and connect you with outstanding global talent.

With a focus on Emiratisation recruitment, we are committed to supporting businesses in achieving their goals while adhering to legal requirements. Our expert recruiters start by analysing your given briefs, moving towards talent market mapping, analytical assessments of the candidates, negotiating on your behalf, and a smooth onboarding process. By partnering with RFS HR consultancy, you gain access to the best recruitment process outsourcing solutions, ensuring seamless and efficient hiring processes. 

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Your Talent. Our Mission: Discover the Ultimate Recruitment Service Solutions Today!


Yes, we have the resources and expertise to manage large-scale recruitment projects. We can support you if you need to staff a new department or manage seasonal hiring surges. Our RPO services are highly regarded among top recruitment process outsourcing companies.

RFS HR Consultancy ensures unique attributes, offering targeted solutions that align seamlessly with your Organisation's talent acquisition strategy for sustained success.

RFS HR recruitment agency in Ajman supports various clients, including startups and established enterprises across multiple industries and sectors. Through our adaptable recruitment strategies, we aim to meet the specific needs of companies at different stages of growth within the industry.

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Your Talent. Our Mission: Discover the Ultimate Recruitment Service Solutions Today!

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Phone: +971 50 434 4675


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