RFS HR Consultancy remains at the forefront when it comes to listing the top executive search firms in Dubai. Our hiring expertise is remarkable, thanks to the extensive executive search process that enables our clients to hire the best candidates with extreme precision, minimal risks, and cost-effectiveness.

Dubai Multi Commodities Centre or DMCC is the go-to place for thriving businesses that intend to become market leaders in their respective industries. We at RFS HR Consultancy ensure that our clients hire the best talent available in the local and global candidate markets with maximum ease and ultimate value thanks to our executive search services....

At RFS HR Consultancy, our clients receive nothing but utility as we work like their extended inhouse human resources team. We are always accessible, and our recruitment consultants work round the clock to give you maximum ease. As a top Emirates recruitment agency, we take difficult placements as challenges and a way to show our exclusive service excellence.

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Fintech & Finance

Advancements in the fintech and finance sector have visibly increased the demand for great resources in DMCC just like the rest of the world. Our fintech executive recruiters understand the market dynamics well and remain prepared to serve your unique hiring needs on an immediate basis. Once we receive your hiring preference, we start working for you almost instantly.

Courier & Logistics

DMCC is an ideal place for growing organizations that operate in the courier and logistics sector, our logistics recruitment consultants empower these organizations by finding, analyzing, evaluating, and onboarding the best candidates with a minimal hassle. If you are looking for a unique candidate profile let us do the search for you.

Shipping & Freight

RFS HR Consultancy offers robust shipping recruitment solutions that can be the perfect fit for companies of all sizes and scales. Our recruitment experts understand the dynamics of the markets well and can easily anticipate the need for hiring trends for freight and shipping industries with ease. It is one way we facilitate our clients to make better business decisions.

Legal & Compliance

We top the list of legal and compliance recruitment agencies in DMCC specifically and UAE overall. Our previously placed candidates are still working in our client organizations showing that we offer high retention rates of our placed professionals. We also ensure that our clients receive candidate profiles who are more likely to accept the offers being made to them as our offer acceptance rate significant.

Hospitality & Retail

RFS HR Consultancy easily tops the list of retail and hospitality recruitment agencies in Dubai since our recruitment experts are well connected in the industry. Most of our clients become our brand ambassadors as they recommend our services to their circle keeping our clientele growing based on our dedicated recruitment and executive search services.

Construction & Real Estate

Just like other top construction management recruitment agencies RFS HR Consultancy offers premium candidate profiles in a systematic and proven shortlisting process. The proposed candidates have a high acceptance rate, and often become a top choice of employers within the construction and real estate industry.

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Recruiting healthcare professionals can be tough for institutions, especially if they are relying on their in-house human resources team with limited resources and access to different candidate markets. RFS HR Consultancy offers access to local and international candidate markets with ease and promising results. We can find you the perfect resources in a cost-effective way almost instantly.

Sustainable & Responsible Sourcing

RFS HR Consultancy offers premium recruitment process outsourcing solutions that can enable our clients coming from different industries to implement sustainable and responsible sourcing solutions. Our recruitment consultants can easily source even the most difficult to find profiles since our global network of professionals keeps on growing as we interact with high quality profiles daily.

Oil, Gas & Energy

If you are looking for high quality oil and gas recruitment services, RFS HR Consultancy can do the job for you. We can facilitate our clients to source a single high-level profile and even onboard complete teams for remote locations as well. It all depends on the needs of our clients while we focus on finding the best candidates that have high match rates of the preferences mentioned by our clients.

Commodities Trading

DMCC houses several commodities trading companies, and therefore the demand for hiring concerned professionals is evidently increasing as well. Commodity recruitment services offered by RFS HR Consultancy can easily serve our clients who are looking for short-term hiring solutions or even sustainable recruitment process outsourcing solutions.


If you are looking for recruitment agencies for insurance industry-based hiring, you can be rest assured that RFS HR Consultancy will become your go to agency. It does not matter if you want to hire a single profile or want to grow your business significantly by hiring whole teams, we can facilitate your hiring needs with higher efficiency and affordability.


RFS HR Consultancy are premium manufacturing executive recruiters with a special focus in the DMCC region. Growing manufacturing companies in DMCC are always on the lookout for the best candidates as they strive to get a competitive edge. We enable these companies to attain that competitive edge by equipping them with the best resources available in the candidate markets.

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RFS HR Consultancy is among the top Emiratization recruitment service providers if you want to be fully compliant with the law’s requirements while being cost effective as well. Our staffing experts have access to different local and global professional networks which can easily approach highly sought after profiles with ease, transparency, and legitimacy as well. 

It can be difficult to choose the right staffing agency among the long list of the best executive search firms in UAE. RFS HR Consultancy can help you make a better decision as our services are focused on results regardless of the size of the business. Our extensive executive search process ensures that you receive the best candidates after a thorough analysis of the applicants.

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Your Talent. Our Mission: Discover the Ultimate Recruitment Service Solutions Today!


We offer a complete manufacturing recruitment services for our clients operating worldwide and in the DMCC region. We offer executive search services and recruitment process outsourcing solutions that are result oriented, and you will love to work with us while getting the best recruitment services.

RFS HR Consultancy offers its expert and exclusive recruitment services to clients worldwide, still, DMCC remains our key focus area. 

We provide highly scalable recruitment process outsourcing solutions to our clients from all the top-tier industries, being the experts in international recruitment services in DMCC.

RFS HR’s recruitment experts are Oil and Gas industry veterans who know the candidate markets well and have been operational in the industry for years. Our proposed candidates match your preferences with high offer acceptance rates and retention rates. 

We offer our clients high value oriented recruitment services, executive search services, Emiratization services, Saudization services and RPO solutions from companies based in DMCC and other parts of the UAE. 

Our Services

Your Talent. Our Mission: Discover the Ultimate Recruitment Service Solutions Today!

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Phone: +971 50 434 4675


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