RFS HR is your specialized go-to place for the best possible services for recruitment in Dubai Logistics City. We stand to be recognized as one of the agencies in Dubai and have our expertise aligned with providing specifically designed executive search services to meet the needs of our highly prioritized and valued clients. At RFS HR, we understand the utmost importance of finding the right talent to drive the firm's success. We offer services like recruitment, recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), and Emiratisation to ensure your staffing requirements are efficiently and effortlessly met.

Recruitment in Dubai Logistics City is urgent as businesses in the Area are expanding. We can help through our knowledge of the local market and vast network. We are recognized as one of the top recruiters in the UAE and can connect you with the premium talent available in Dubai Logistics City and beyond. As a recognized executive search firm in Dubai, we also have expertise in Emiratization and Saudization recruitment, supporting our client's efforts to enhance the national workforce participation and compliance with local regulations in the UAE. ...

Whether you're working within Dubai Logistics City or the mainland, our recruiters have all the expertise required to help you with insights and the expertise needed to source top talent for leading positions in various industries. We are recognized as one of the best recruitment agencies in Dubai, providing expert international recruitment services and outsourcing solutions. Partner with us as your premier executive search firm in Dubai Logistics City and the UAE for all your recruitment needs. Contact us today and explore how we can assist you in discovering fit candidates to drive the organization's prosperity in Dubai Logistics City and beyond.

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We craft candidate engagement strategies designed to meet each client’s unique needs.
We are known to place candidates in their key positions within tight timeframes, displaying efficiency and effectiveness.
We value transparent and open communication with timely updates throughout the hiring process, ensuring clarity and arrangement.
We practice comprehensive background checks and reference verifications to instil confidence and peace of mind in our clients.
We provide permits to extensive networks of diverse and premium talent, offering numerous opportunities for our esteemed clients.


Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Logistics

We understand the intricate demands of healthcare and medicinal logistics, which makes us excel at sourcing talent to support medical and pharmaceutical institutions. As one of the highly trusted medical recruitment agencies in Dubai, our specialities allow us to identify healthcare professionals and logistics experts.

Logistics IT and Software

As IT continues to flourish in the logistics industry, it is a specialized process in sourcing talent for logistics IT and software firms. Our recruiters identify as individuals with expertise in logistics software development, data analytics, and supply chain optimization, ensuring that our clients tackle the power of technology to broadcast their logistics operations that will ensure business success.

Oil, Gas, and Chemical Logistics

Our recruitment services in Dubai Logistics City are tailored to oil, gas, and Chemical logistics and designed to meet our client's unique requirements. With our recruiters' industry knowledge, we do our best to source candidates with expertise in handling hazardous materials, transportation regulations, and supply chain management.

Aviation Logistics

Our aviation logistics recruitment service offers various hiring solutions to meet the unique standards and demands of airlines, airports, and other services. Our dedicated team of recruiters finds candidates with specific knowledge in air cargo operations, ground handling, and aviation supply chain management.

Automotive Logistics

We specialize in sourcing talent to drive efficiency and innovation in automotive logistics. Our recruiters mainly focus on identifying candidates who are experts in automotive supply chain management, distribution, and transportation.

Freight and Cargo

We are experts in sourcing and recruiting talent to meet various client demands aligned with industry standards. Our team identifies every individual with diversified experience in logistics, transportation, and supply chain management. This process ensures that our clients stay ahead in this competitive sector.

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Your Talent. Our Mission: Discover the Ultimate Recruitment Service Solutions Today!


We do. Our consultancy offers specialized recruitment services to companies collaborating within Dubai Logistics City. With an extensive portfolio bridging various industries, including logistics, transportation, and supply chain management, our expertise helps us in talent searches to meet the various demands of businesses within Dubai Logistics City.

Indeed. We have experienced executive search consultants specializing in outsourcing the top kind of talent for the best-fit leadership positions within our firm. We specifically tailor our search services to meet the requirements. Considering cultural differences, we chose the best cultural fit for each client, ensuring successful placements that guarantee organizational success.

At our firm, our qualities lie in our dedication towards excellence, personalized approach, and industry knowledge that is both excellent and beneficial. We understand the unique needs of businesses within Dubai Logistics City. Our delivery of significant recruitment solutions comes in handy for long-term success. We also have a proven track record of successful placements and a commitment to continuous improvement.

At RFS, we take the privacy of our clients seriously when it comes to recruitment, especially within Dubai Logistics City, where operating with clients' confidentiality is crucial; we strive to protect confidentiality protocols to ensure the privacy of our clients and candidates is secured. Our team operates within the set rules of professionalism discreetly, which leads to a secure and confidential recruitment experience for everyone in Dubai Logistics City.

Absolutely. We understand the budget constraints of startups and small businesses. For this reason, we offer recruitment solutions that can be maneuvered according to businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re starting your business or an established small business, our team is dedicated to designing customized recruitment strategies to help you find the ideal talent to drive your growth and success within Dubai Logistics City.

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Your Talent. Our Mission: Discover the Ultimate Recruitment Service Solutions Today!

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Phone: +971 50 434 4675


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