RFS HR is one of the top-recruiters in UAE that facilitates outstanding recruitment solutions tailored for businesses at Dubai Techno Park. We offer Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), Saudization and Emiratisation solutions to meet the diverse needs of Dubai's ever-evolving business landscape.

Recruitment and executive search are our core expertise, with guaranteed services that align well with your brand to secure the best resources. We not only recruit for you but become your trusted partner and provider of executive search services. RFS HR helps in navigating the complexities of hiring in Techno Park, with a focus on growth and excellence. We provide flexible solutions for short-term as well as for long term projects, visa assistance for international candidates, and guarantee diversity in the hiring process for companies in Dubai Techno Park. ...

With personalized recruitment solutions across industries like Cybersecurity, Blockchain, and healthcare Technology, we have a versatile group of candidates ready to meet your recruiting needs. We follow a series of flexible and strategic hiring solutions that are apt for the talent acquisition approach within the UAE.

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Digital & IT

In the digital and IT sector, RFS HR is your permanent and strategic partner for recruitment in Dubai Techno Park. We specialize in identifying and attracting top talent with expertise in digital design, software development, UX/UI, and emerging technologies. Our custom recruitment plans ensure that your firm remains at the forefront of innovation, driving digital transformation and success.

Ecommerce & Retail

As the landscape of ecommerce continues to evolve, RFS HR offers top-notch recruitment services in Dubai Techno Park. We find talent that can effectively navigate digital platforms, drive brand engagement, and optimize ecommerce strategies. With our executive search in UAE we are in process of recruiting professionals with a deep understanding of consumer behavior and digital marketing retail trends.

Media & Production

RFS HR offers executive search in UAE that leads the way for recruitment in Dubai Techno Park. We specialize in hiring efficient and skilled professionals across various platforms. The tailored approach to recruitment we use ensures that your firm has access to top talent in Techno Park’s media landscape.

Healthcare Technology

RFS HR supports the health and wellness sector through specialized hiring solutions in Dubai Techno Park. As a leading executive search firm in Dubai we are the only ones that understands the importance of hiring professionals who are passionate about promoting health and well-being in the community. Based on the same work ethics and understanding, we have qualified individuals who can create positive changes and impact in the community.

Cyber Security

RFS HR specializes in sourcing talent for the cybersecurity and networking industry. We understand the complexities of the sector and the importance of professionals that can maintain and withstand the pressures of internal and external threats. Our tailored recruitment solutions ensure that your organization has access to experienced individuals who can drive innovation and excellence with overall safety and security.

FinTech & Blockchain

RFS HR is your trusted partner for recruitment in Dubai Techno Park’s financial technology and blockchain sectors. We are able to source talented professionals across the industry where a compatible understanding along with experience is a must.

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With years of experience in the recruitment industry, we understand the needs of various business sectors.
The extensive network allows us to get into a diverse pool of talented professionals across industries. 
Our custom packages are designed to meet the specific requirements of each client.
We offer a thorough screening process, including skill assessments, background checks, and interviews. 
RFS HR guarantees high standards of quality throughout the hiring process, ensuring that only the best candidates are presented to our clients.
Our efficient process minimizes the time-to-hire, while helping clients fill vacancies promptly and effectively.

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Your Talent. Our Mission: Discover the Ultimate Recruitment Service Solutions Today!


We start the process after understanding the specific requirements of the client. Our work starts with detailed research, screening and evaluating each candidate separately. After a thorough understanding, we then find the best fit for your business needs.

At RFS HR we offer recruitment in Dubai Techno Park, we also offer multiple positions across various sectors that are within the premier location of Dubai. From technical to professional and executive roles we recruit candidates that are a compatible fit for all your business needs.

Our detailed screening process includes a wide range of focused assessments that let us have a clear understanding of the candidates skill set, background checks and interviews. After complete verification of references and information gathered we review the candidates credentials to check if their professionalism matches the skill set needed.

At RFS HR, we tailor our pricing charts as per the client's needs and budget. We offer them multiple recruitment solutions that are apt as per their requirements. Our competitive rates and pricing are both transparent with no extra or hidden charges. The cost effective solutions are our core competency which is why RFS HR stands out of the crowd easily.

Our efficient process allows us to fill positions depending on multiple factors presented and discussed with our clients. We understand the specialization required at first and then align suitable candidates based on the urgency and requirements. Our aim is not only to fill a position but to ensure that the individual is a perfect fit. 

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Your Talent. Our Mission: Discover the Ultimate Recruitment Service Solutions Today!

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Phone: +971 50 434 4675


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