RFS HR Consultancy offers premium recruitment process outsourcing solutions, and exclusive executive search services to all our clients operating in the Jebel Ali Free Zone area. Being an attractive trading free zone JAFZA has become the ideal place for growing businesses to operate and RFS HR is facilitating them to hire the best resources from the local and global candidate markets.

Growing companies are always on the lookout for high value employees to enable them to perform better and gain a bigger market share with ease and efficiency. RFS HR’s seasoned recruiters are well connected to the international candidate markets and hence give the needed edge to our clients to hire better, quickly, with cost-effectiveness. Our hiring process is comprehensive, and this leads to an improved quality of proposed candidates so you can save time in your next quality employee placement. ...

RFS HR Consultancy easily tops the list of renowned hiring companies in Dubai because our executive search process includes even the most minute details of the job applicants, which allows us to decide which candidates will be more productive in our clients' companies. Our main aim is to assist our clients in hiring top-level resources from the candidate markets of their choice with minimal hassle and high-quality results.

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Tech & Electronics

JAFZA is home to several tech and electronics businesses, and they are known to be very competitive to gain a more significant market share. We at RFS HR understand the need to recruit top performers in these growing companies. Recruitment tech companies like RFS understand the evolution of technology which makes us the right choice for recruiting your next best employees.


Another big industry operating in JAFZA is the automotive industry, well-known brands are always trying to onboard exceptional talent with the assistance of automotive recruitment companies. At RFS HR we have experienced recruiters who know the automotive industry well, they know what type of resources will be high in demand as time passes, therefore, our proposed candidates offer a very high offer acceptance rate as well as higher retention rates so your company can operate at a strategic level.


The FMCG industry is perhaps the most dominant industry operating in the UAE overall, and JAFZA is no exception. FMCG Dubai also remains the favored industry for new job applicants from all over the world. At RFS HR Consultancy we simply bridge the gap between new emerging talent with the right organizations while our exclusive executive search services can find the missing leadership personnel in a highly sophisticated and accurate way.

Healthcare & Life Sciences

JAFZA is also home to numerous healthcare facilities that are always in contact with medical recruitment agencies in Dubai to ensure they hire the best resources from the open candidate markets quickly and with a minimum hassle. Healthcare staffing agencies like RFS HR is known for providing quick results as we have already placed highly sought after profiles in the local and foreign settings.

E-commerce & Retail

JAFZA is home to retail and tech-based e-commerce brands that are globally recognized, these brands are hungry for growth, and they require the right employees to assist them in gaining more business from the rich and diverse markets of UAE. Retail recruitment agencies in Dubai like RFS HR has dedicated resources to serve our clients coming from the retail sector, you will not only get premium profiles to choose from but the process itself will be really user friendly with promising results.

Trading and Import/Export

Competent professionals are the backbone for any business or organization. Finding the right talent with relevant competency is a challenging task. Recruitment agencies like RFS HR Consultancy help you cater with any such kind of challenges. If you are looking to hire resources to enhance your trading busineess in JAFZA, RFS HR is your one-stop solution. Contact us today to recruit the best.

Maritime & Ship

One of the most thriving industries in Dubai overall and JAFZA is the maritime and shipping industry. Companies operating in these industries, regardless of their types of services, need to maintain a workforce with high-performance individuals to ensure they achieve efficiency in their operations. RFS is an obvious choice when it comes to choosing the best shipping recruitment agencies in Dubai.

Food & Agriculture

Enhance your team by hiring potential resources for your food and agriculture business in JAFZA with RFS HR Consultancy, one of the best recruitment agencies in the area. RFS HR brings you the most talented individuals from the market, with access to global talent and experienced recruitment consultants at the agency. If you are looking to hire talent in JAFZA, RFS HR is your ultimate solution.

Manufacturing and Logistics

Build a strong team for your manufacturing and logistics business in JAFZA with RFS HR Consultancy, one of the leading manufacturing recruiting firms and enhance the productivity to achieve higher goals. The logistics recruitment consultants at RFS HR are the industry experts and conduct a thorough research to locate the competent individuals around the globe. Reach us today to connect with the potential resources.

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RFS HR Consultancy is a premium recruitment process outsourcing solutions provider when it comes to enhance the recruitment process of growing companies. We also offer exclusive executive search services, which enables growing companies to find and onboard the most challenging profiles that may be difficult to approach by the company’s inhouse HR teams. 

Recruitment consultants of RFS HR Consultation offers our clients a global network of professionals coming from all the top tier industries operational worldwide. You get to access the local and global candidate profiles in real time and can onboard the best candidates with maximum ease and affordability. Just share your hiring preferences with us and we will start searching for your needed profiles.

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Your Talent. Our Mission: Discover the Ultimate Recruitment Service Solutions Today!


Our clients from the automotive industry can opt for highly intuitive and tailored RPO solutions for their strategic recruitment processes or simply tell us about their requirements for the next hire and we will search, evaluate, analyze, and propose the best candidates based on our exclusive executive search services.

RFS HR Consultancy is based in Dubai and several other regions of the world. However, our focused recruitment services in the JAFZA region are second to none. Our local recruiters know the candidate markets very well in the JAFZA region making us the right choice for recruitment by companies operating in this region.

RFS HR Consultancy is known to design customized and scalable RPO solutions to numerous client companies all over the UAE, making us the experts in international recruitment services in JAFZA and other parts of Dubai as well. 

Recruitment specialists in RFS HR Consultancy are healthcare industry professionals who know the market well, including the need to hire the best resources. We propose candidates who match your preferences at promising rates, ensuring you get high retention rates and offer acceptance rates as well.

If your company operates in the retail or e-commerce industry, we can offer executive search services, emiratization services, Saudization services, and RPO solutions to companies based in JAFZA and other parts of the world.

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Your Talent. Our Mission: Discover the Ultimate Recruitment Service Solutions Today!

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