RFS HR is a fully equipped, 360° recruitment agency for the best hiring solutions in Dubai Motor City. As a standardized and regulated hiring agency in Dubai, we understand how companies constantly need to hire the right talent. For this purpose, we have extended our expertise to executive search and recruitment solutions in Dubai Motor City. Our expert recruiters are keenly focused on finding the best talent with considerable exposure and a promising global presence, which helps us find the right talent from around the world.

As a recruitment agency in Dubai, our expertise lies in providing recruitment services and executive search services apt for the various needs of our most valuable clients across the UAE. With our understanding of recruitment in Dubai Motor City, we are focused on finding the talent best suited to your needs and driving your corporation’s success. RFS HR offers extensive hiring services, including executive search, recruitment, and recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), ensuring your hiring is efficiently selected. ...

With our knowledge of the local market and extensive network, we have always stood out as one of the top recruiters in the UAE. We are dedicated and committed to linking you with the best possible talents in Dubai Motor City. Our core services mainly include recruitment and executive search services. These solutions are among the best-selling services RFS HR has offered over the years.

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Specifically customized candidate assessment methods to meet individual client requirements.
Demonstrated capability to set candidates in significant roles within confined deadlines.
Open communication and timely updates during the hiring process.
A thorough background investigation and reference verifications ensure a state of surety.
Entrance to the world of networks of variating and premium talent.



RFS HR excels in automotive recruitment by using the keen understanding of our expert recruiters. They identify applicants with automotive engineering, design, and manufacturing expertise to ensure our clients keep up with a competitive edge in this dynamic market. If your company is a leading automotive manufacturer or a startup in the automotive industry, we are here to help you find the right talent.

Construction & Real Estate

As a hiring agency in Dubai, RFS HR offers recruitment in Dubai Motor City. With a focus on the apt construction and real estate sector, we are the most reputed recruitment agency in Dubai, offering executive search and recruitment services. From laborers and manpower to skilled professionals, RFS HR places the right candidates in your company after thoroughly testing and assessing candidates in comprehensive detail.

Digital & IT

We specialize in recruiting the best talent in the fast-maturing digital IT and technological landscape. Our IT recruiters identify individuals experienced in innovative, cutting-edge technologies, ensuring our clients remain at the forefront of revolution. Whether you’re an established IT firm or willing to expand your tech business on a larger scale, our recruiters are more than happy to assist you at every step.


RFS HR is a leading Dubai-based FMCG recruitment agency. Our expertise lies in sourcing top talent for leading FMCG firms. We stand as the top recruiters in the business. If your firm is dealing with apparel, food, personal care products, or any other, we are your FMCG recruiters who hold the proficiency to help you find the right fit that, in turn will fuel your growth.

Logistics & Courier

Regarding logistics and courier, we stand out as a premier recruitment agency. Our team is equipped with an abundance of knowledge of the industry. We have a strong network and a global presence to connect with the top talent for your business. We remain dedicated to helping you find the perfect candidates to streamline your operations and success.

Ecommerce & Retail

Whether you're a successful retail or a newly emerging business, our recruiters provide talent for sales, marketing, logistics, and retail operations. With our unmatched retail and e-commerce recruitment knowledge, we can help you find the right candidates to position your business for success.

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Your Talent. Our Mission: Discover the Ultimate Recruitment Service Solutions Today!


Yes, we do. Our recruitment agency specialises in hiring services for firms within Dubai Motor City. Our diverse portfolio spans various sectors, including technology, healthcare, and construction. Our experts enable us to tailor talent searches to meet the unique demands of businesses.

Absolutely! Our work is equipped with extensive experienced executive search consultants who specialise in sourcing talent for leadership positions within the area. Our executive search services are tailored to match each client's specific requirements and cultural fit, ensuring success in placements that ensure organizational superiority.

Our uniqueness lies in our unquestioned dedication to excellence, individual viewpoints, and sincere knowledge of what we do. Considering the specific needs of businesses within the organization, RFS HR conveys recruitment solutions that foster long-term success. We are known as a trusted recruitment partner with a record of successful placements and a commitment to continuous improvement.

Yes, confidentiality and the right to privacy are essential aspects of recruitment processes, especially within our firm, where sensitivity to business operations can be crucial. At our firm, we strive to protect the privacy of the protocols to uphold the security of our clients and candidates. Our team works while being discreet and professional, ensuring a secure and confidential recruitment experience for all parties involved.

Absolutely. We understand that every individual has unique recruitment needs and budget restrictions for startups and small businesses within the firm, which is exactly why we provide flexible recruitment answers to help businesses of all sizes. Whether you're new or an already established small business, our team is dedicated to designing customized recruitment strategies to help you find the ideal talent that fosters growth and success.

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Your Talent. Our Mission: Discover the Ultimate Recruitment Service Solutions Today!

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